Thesis block.

15 08 2010

As no one knows, I am currently doing my Masters. And I have no idea what I’m going to do next. Ok fine, I tahu yang I kena defend it and do the viva voce but, things are becoming bit difficult for me. I don’t know whats next! Every time I sent out my proposal, I needed to amend it and every time amendment happened, I get lost.

Its too much and sometimes, I think my supervisor just don’t get what I want to study about. My supervisor kept on changing my sub-contents and it frustrates me. I’m doing a mixed method study, both qualitative and quantitative. I’ll be gathering my data using a coding book & sheet (quantative), in-depth interview and questionnaire (qualitative) but my supervisor wants meeeeeeeeeeeeee to add participant observation into the study. Emmmmm dah macam mana pulekkk I nak masukkan benda alah tu dalam my studies? I am doing a content analysis!

So you see, this is TROUBLE! I can’t do a participant observation in this study!!!!!!!





4 responses

16 08 2010
faisal admar

very DA complicated. now you make me scare once i’m done with what i’m currently doing now. jeez!

16 08 2010
Adi Syuhaidi Abu Bakar

sangat. masa daftar masters aritu beratos.. tp berapa kerat je abes. its not easy. kena kuat semangat. nak nak dpt supervisor leceh.

17 08 2010

do your best yow, mr. fabulous..
haha.. ;p

17 08 2010

u r super cute! thanks! 🙂

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