18 08 2010

Dear cyber friends,

As from today, August 18th 2010, I will be blogging from my own domain – http://www.thegossiplounge.com

For unknown reason, my webhosting company are unable to redirect my old WP account to my new one *geram.

Apa pun, nanti add me to your list ya and let me know, I’ll do the same.

Love yew!



Is it possibly that TED is having a Good Day?

17 08 2010

1. You know what, rezeki Allah nak bagi, kita tak boleh nak cakap apa! I called up one of my banks today untuk tanya pasal kereta and apparently I was notified that ada 3K lebih dalam account aku? What the fish la kan? Not that I’m not happy but I was in shocked! Dari mana datangnya? Langitkah? Orang salah masuk acc kah? Telek punya telek, rasanya ada issue pasal kereta. They mistakenly charge aku lebih katanya. Apa-apa lah bukan aku tahu pun janji aku tahu duit tu HALAL. Lainlah kalau harem kan, mau nye aku pulangkan *pulangkan ke?. Aku dah masukkan dalam Tabung Haji. Sila dok dendiam disitu ya.

2. Ada orang cakap aku plagiat assignment! Hello ortu! Kau gile ke apa? Sah sah aku letak source kat situ, plagiat apa nye? Kalau kau maksudkan plagiat itu sebab aku tak gunakan ayat fresh, errrrr, camne tu ayat fresh? Are you insane? Takkan aku nak rephrase facts plak? Kalau salah makna macam mane? Sudah aku takde masa nak layan kau *block number. Sudahlah kau memang tak berapa betol!

3. Geram la kena invigilate upper form exams ni. Time exam lah kau nak bertanya kat rakan kau itu ini. Bengang gile tahu tak! Orang suruh belajar kau tak nak belajar. Dah trial baru kau nak terkemot-kemot ingat fakta! Aduhh bikin hati gue panas aje tau! Aku paling pantang orang bercakap time exam niey. Ape lagi kau nak meniru. Memang tak dapattttt la kan!

Aku nak citer benda best berlaku di bazar Ramadhan tapi aku takmo citer dalam post ni. Ni post DIRTY!


About Ted.

16 08 2010

I’ve been lagging all month.! Aku pun tak tahu lah kenapa aku rasa macam malas nak buat serba-serbi. Every morning has been a drag. I’ve been hoping for Saturday since Tuesday rolled around and while today still isn’t Saturday (will this week ever end?), it’s 10 p.m. and I’m still sober. That’s only one of the perks of telecommute. Kenapa aku malas semacam nowadays? Where is the enthusiastic ism in me? Nan ado dah. Illek!

But one thing for sure, I love working from home for several reasons. First, I get to make my own cup of tea – and boy, do I make a mean one – and I get to go for refills for hours. Second, I make my own breakfast. Okay so I can’t really cook but I do make eggs and toasts pretty well… if you like your eggs scrambled or over well especially. Making your own breakfast, no matter how you do it, breaks the corner café’s frozen pastries and breakfast sandwiches anytime in my book.

Then there’s the (not-so-small) matter of dressing. No corporate dress code, no power suit, no checking the cleavage or hem line… anything and everything goes. So I don’t normally dress exorbitantly anyway, but I do enjoy some edging-on-sexy items that are just not very fitting to my role at the office. Plus, who wants to attract these kinds of looks from creepy coworkers anyway?

Another positive about working from home – and my all-time fave I believe – is that I get to sit back on my couch and read the paper while sipping err. tea? Hehe… There’s no stress about departure time to beat rush hour traffic or to get that early-bird special on parking downtown. No worries about having to shovel the car out of the snow. No concerns over what’s going on outside at all. It’s just me, the couch, the tv and the tea. And some club or old Malay music, depending on the mood.

Finally, there’s the ability to juggle personal and professional matters all at once. I can tweet, Facebook, send emails, write blogs and plan events from the MAC, all while editing brochures and videos, answering RFPs, preparing slide decks, taking conf calls and setting my next tactical moves on the company laptop. I work 3 monitors at once, from 2 different PCs, and it makes me feel alive! So I hardly get to breathe – or break for a nature call – but that’s just something I’m willing to live with at this time.

There is but one downside to it all, and it’s not, as many would think, the lack of social interaction. Trust me, between Skype, conference calls, blog-hopping and cocktail hour (oh yes, we get those too at home), there is plenty of social interaction. No, the true downside to it all is that you can never go back to a regular job. When I go into the office now, I can no longer focus on just the task at hand. I need my excitement, my multitude of beeps coming from my 20+ applications running at once. I need my freedom.

Working in an environment where you need to create, such as education, you have to have the luxury to get up and walk away when the blank page stares back at you. You can’t expect good ideas to come to you from 9 to 5; they may come to you at 10 p.m., they may come to you at noon, they may even wake you up in the middle of the night. Alternatively, you also need to be ready to not have one single good idea for days sometimes. That’s something that those of you who have always done the 9-to-5 in an office have gotten used to dealing with. I no longer can. I can walk into my office at 7 a.m. and not produce a single lesson-plan-worthy piece until 3 p.m. that day. Not that I’m not doing other things in the meantime, but they’re just fill-ups. On the other hand, I can be sitting at home watching a movie and suddenly start typing away on the notes app on the BlackBerry.

Anyone working in a creative environment know that they need to do their due diligence; not many corporate types understand this. Seeing us surf the web, watch videos, attend conferences, read magazines… they don’t get that it’s part of the work. But it is. And when I work from home, I get to do this guilt-free and it makes me feel on top of the industry. I feel I know what’s going on, in real time, thanks to Twitter and the likes. I must be subscribed to hundreds of publications and RSS feeds – they keep alerting me to different news every second. I can’t possibly hear, read or see them all but I am aware that the world around me is continuously moving and that I need to move, move, move with it if I want to remain competitive in this line of work. THAT, my dear friend, is motivation. It’s something companies should learn, instead of locking their employees up in cubicles and forcing them to produce quality crap 8 hours a day.

Do I ever take a break from my work? Hardly. I’ve always got the Blackberry on, beeping, no matter where I am. I love what I do and I never want to let go of it. I am a smartphone addict, no doubt. I am your stereotype, the cliché of the man juggling a BB, an iPod, a Starbucks venti and a few shopping bags. But no matter what you think when you see me, I’m in work mode. There’s always an idea, a one-liner, a blog, something in the back of my head. I am constantly looking at the world through my working eyes. Even sitting with girlfriends over dinner, my mind’s rolling. Filming, recording, commenting. And so I never stop. But I enjoy it, and that’s all that matters.

And thats, about me. Ted.

Ayah oh ayah! Cut the ice!

16 08 2010

Hari ney adik aku sms cakap ayah aku was admitted sekejap. Sesak nafas lah ape lagi. So being me, aku membebel ler ape lagi. What with nak raya, takkan nak raya dalam hospital pulek?
Aku ni bukan suka sangat nak mengingatkan orang ni especially my dad. Silap langkah aku yang disemburnya pulek! Tapi tadi he was ok and boleh la terima bebelan ku. I’m worried of his health. He’s been in and out of hospital twice this year and it really worries me out. Ibu pun tak berapa sihat. Oh yayai! I really miss them and I miss my kampung lah! Tak sabar nak baliks kampungs.
Mak Teh pun dah takde, dah meninggal few days back and it was a call for me to really appreciate the people around me. Suka ke tidak ke, itulah orang yang berada disekeliling aku. Aku ni sebenarnya bukan people friendly sangat. Kalau aku tak berkenan tu memang aku tak berkenanlah tak payah cakap banyak.
Emmmmm okey.
To everyone selamat berbuka dan bertarawikh! Malam ni aku nak merepeks perihal study plak!

Thesis block.

15 08 2010

As no one knows, I am currently doing my Masters. And I have no idea what I’m going to do next. Ok fine, I tahu yang I kena defend it and do the viva voce but, things are becoming bit difficult for me. I don’t know whats next! Every time I sent out my proposal, I needed to amend it and every time amendment happened, I get lost.

Its too much and sometimes, I think my supervisor just don’t get what I want to study about. My supervisor kept on changing my sub-contents and it frustrates me. I’m doing a mixed method study, both qualitative and quantitative. I’ll be gathering my data using a coding book & sheet (quantative), in-depth interview and questionnaire (qualitative) but my supervisor wants meeeeeeeeeeeeee to add participant observation into the study. Emmmmm dah macam mana pulekkk I nak masukkan benda alah tu dalam my studies? I am doing a content analysis!

So you see, this is TROUBLE! I can’t do a participant observation in this study!!!!!!!


Omigawd! Ai am back!

15 08 2010

Aduyai! Akhirnya ai berjaya juga tembusi tembok halangan untuk dapatkan balik password blog ai ni! Ai rasa macam nak terloncat dari seat ni! Omigawd ai miss this blog so very much!!!! I’ve spilled everthing in this blog, so bayangkan lah kalau ai terlupa password, terlupa email, terlupa semua! I tried everthing baru lahhhh dapat! Hish!! Sayang laaa sebab ai dapat ramai kawan kat siniew! Apa powwwn, I am back and thinking of getting my own dot com. What say yu? Huhu!

OK, off to shower, nanti ai nak update memacam lagi!

Blog world, ai am back!

P/S – Salam Ramadhan uols!.

Penempatan DPLI 2008.

24 12 2008

Penempatan Guru Sandaran Siswazah Terlatih dan Kursus Diploma Pendidikan Lepasan Ijazah (DPLI) dari pelbagai Institusi Pengajian Tinggi – Sekolah Menengah Boleh Disemak Pada 05 Januari 2009.

Uiiiwwwwwwwwwwww. Takot!!
Ted Baker