Ted’s weight battle.

13 11 2008

Life has been an uphill battle lately, has it not? With work and weight, and family and friends, finances and fun….life is relentless. The last few months have been legitimate proof that there is a reason why “there’s always something” is a cliche in the teddyville lexicon.

Weight? Yes, I have a problem with my weight. OK not really a problem but there is always this struggle to find the balance. Work is pulling you one way while home is pulling you another. There is food and school and even alone time that needs attention. But in the end, whatever you are working through, whether its finances, deciding what you want to be when you grow up, or how to make it to the gym more often, it’s not so bad.

2 years ago, I weighted at 90kg (how much is that in pound ek Val?). My waist was 35 and all of my clothes have to be in M/XL size. Sesuai. Dahlah ketinggian 167. Macam apa je. I lost my self respect for quite some time. I spent my degree years dalam keadaan macam tu la. It was devastating and I had no one to talk to. I am not in a relationship with anyone and I face rejection by stuffing food in my mouth. So it was kind of endless.

Towards the end of my degree, I started doing my practical training and it was hard because I can’t keep up with all of the commotion. There then I realize that I had to lose this extra fat. Sampai satu tahap I had to see the doctor sebab aku termengah-mengah secara melampau. All of those fat were really getting into me. Badan aku terlebih air sebab aku memang suka minum air tapi air COKE! *larek.

Then after, I started dieting. Eat less and exercise more. Masa di Melati Utama, I will jog for 1 hour, everyday and I remember parking kat rumah Shawn dan jog. Selalu ternampak Fauziah Nawi. Comel sangat!. I was so determined to lose this weight. Bila habis jog, pergi lepak mamak tunggu my friends balik kerja sebab dwang kerja shift.

OMG masa tu seksa gila nak kurus. Nasik makan sikit, lauk banyak.. I felt sore. Every inch of my body is sore. Malam tak boleh makan! Minum air sahaja. I get the hang of it only after 4 months and then my weight starts to reduce drastically. Aku tak amek any supplement, just pure diet. It felt great dan semakin lama, semakin nampak kesannya. Yang paling nampak is the stretch mark di tepi pinggul, paha dan tepi perut. Merasalah kena sapu cocoa butter.

And nowwwwwwwwwwww…………………. in 2008 I weighted at 62kg and standing proud and tall. Alhamdulillah. I’ve changed all of my wardrobe, started to wear skinny and it felt great. It was always a battle and I’m glad I have gone through it.

Above and beyond and obstacle we come across, my weight stands firm. Not to say there isn’t a crack or two in the foundation, and maybe a brick missing here and there, but this is the body that unconditional love built. It might be a mess at times but it always nice to know that I know I can always do something about it.





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13 11 2008

Ted, I have a same story. Di puncak weight I dulu in June 2006, balek2 dr Gold Coast.EHEM I weighed 74.6 KG. Gems gile badak. Sungguh saket hatiiii…kan? Ade org dlm idup tp mcm egh tah rasa mcm tak je. And maybe break up pun sbb tu la. Then then lepas2 break up determine gile nk diet. Bile I buat, tu dia. Mendadak you, smp 57. Time tu kecoh org tny ‘eh ko saket ke?’. OOO camtu la agaknye, time aku gemok sebok sarcastic SIHATNYA DIAAA. then nway, i gained back and maintained 59kgs. Then sblm ke London I hentam makan bnyk dlm masa dua bulan naik 61. Tp bile datang sini, haha now it stands at 57(motif i publish my weight kat ur blog??) So, any takers? =)

13 11 2008

great story… very inspiring ted. looking at your pix, i can never tell ur history. hmmm… seriously?

14 11 2008

Yezza. Dulu jangan mimpi lah nak pakai yang stylo2. Rasa tak berbaloi sebab badan very der GAJAH!

14 11 2008

Riz : U need to fucking gain some weight!

14 11 2008

Ni mau mek kena loose weight ni lawan hang nok…merase mek dengki tau ngan hang….:))

14 11 2008

masa kat France dulu, berat dah turun. nearly 70
balik malaysia, naik jadi 90 balik

dulu baju semua berjenama, dari D&G, Prada dgn Gucci
skrg ni
teringin nk beli berjenama, tapi kene beli XL lak
tapi takut tak berbaloi sebab nak diet


*wenkt print entry ni sebagai inspirasi.

14 11 2008

Wenkt: Good luck!

14 11 2008

Yan : Merasa noh!

14 11 2008

Congrats!!!…i hav the same experience too..previously when i just started working my weight was 90kg with height 177cm and all my colleagues called me Polar Bear..until u rasa so dooowwwwnnn :(…
then 1 day bila tgk cermin suddenly out of nowhere datang azam to loose weight..and within 3 months i managed to reduce my weight to 80 kg….lepas tu started joined gym do own workout..loose weight but body tak lawa rasa frustrated…pastu i joined classes like body attack (for loose weight), body balance n pilates (for toned body) and own weight workout to have nice muscle…
now i have more confidence and walk tall depan orang ramai coz i know i dlm category good lookin guy now heheheh….
proudly say my stat now is 177cm 69 kg…:)…
Anyway..Congrats for all your hardwork!!! 🙂

14 11 2008

Wah. Adakah anda pembaca misteri? Tahniah ted ucapkan, bila kita dah dapat badan idaman kita, secara tak langsung kita jadi lebih yakin kan! It boosts our inner energy gitu.
Btw u 177 kah? Tinggi sekal. Nak kiss, ted kena jongket. Apa pun adakah u even PLU to begin with? Kahkahkah! I need to re-route my entries supaya tak nampak terlalu kePLUan I supposed.

14 11 2008

berat i dulu nearly 100kg. lepas i mengamalkan diet seimbang. berat badan i turun ke tahap ideal. terima kasih tummytrim…

sekarang i dah boleh pakai pakaian sexy2 seperti AD, AX, BCBG, CD, D&G, DKNY, EA, FCUK, G, PS, R, dan macam2 lagi..


14 11 2008

Areps : G P R S la sundal! Nok body ko tu dah kurus kering sejak ilahi yakni sekolah menengah. Tolong jangan propah!

14 11 2008

omg =))))

15 11 2008

xmahu kalah nk citer jugak ni.hak hak hak.jgn marah Abang Ted *abang katanya*

i was always the skinny guy. since skolah menengah. masa kt kolej, i weighed only 55/56 kg and i am 178cm tall. one of the first thing to do when coming here is to gained weight. for first few months, i only managed to weigh at 57 kg. until 1 day, tergerak hati nak pg gym dan kene pujuk ngan PT kt gym, merasa terus register. in 3 months, my weight increased to 63 kg. and amazingly my fat percentage stay at healthy (not that healthy pon kot) 6%.hahaha. am a skinny bitch.

after lama x pg gym (august till now), luckily masih around 62-62. *sigh*

cant wait to get back to gym next Feb.:)by summer ngam2 lah berat.

17 11 2008

hahaha to answer your question…yes i am…
tak perlu re-route your entries b’coz of kepluan….
just b yourself..i’m sure all your fan loves u who u r :D…

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