I love my Ibu for so many reasons.

11 11 2008

As some of you may know, my sister is getting married in one month time. She still doesn’t lose any pound, she still eats like the same thing and basically nothings have changed, besides this all new furniture room and hey, I’ve gotten new curtains in my room.

Of course I said to her that I am in no need of it, but she insist because, somehow, people tends to go and take a sneak peek into my room (on the basis of I don’t go out as much, I spent most my time in my room). Oh of course the curtains will look so makcik-makcik. Profoundly my younger sister (yes, younger than me) and my mum do have the same taste on things. This fact makes me absolutely different from the rest of my siblings.

I hate when people came into my room. I just don’t like it. It’s not as if I have any porn or anything but its a matter of privacy, that is all. I’m very private at few things. One of them is my room and as I’m typing, my mother is changing my bed’s bedsheet.

Oh I know my mum. Do you know your mum? I know her so well. This is the common scenario. Whenever I’m leaving/going somewhere, dia mula la macam tu. Hati ibu kan. I’m not staying here for that long, less than 2 month, I akan posting dah and I know she is devastated. Somehow, she wasn’t really worried about my sister, she is much worried about me. I can’t tell you why. Maybe because I am the only son she had. Or I am the only one yang sometimes being rude (Astaghfirullahalazim!) to her, but to actually make her realize that some things are wrong. Especially when it comes to my BIL. His actions towards me are sometimes wrong and I do need to get to higher pitch to make her understand. But that was before, now I buat silent treatment je and she is getting the hang of it.

But despite of all the things happened between me and my mum, I love her and I respect her because.. she is amazing. Bayangkan, from a rubber tapper aka penoreh getah, she made her way to the top (with my dad of course) and build her fortune; just from menoreh getah. She bought more lands, buat tanaman semula dengan RISDA and from the profit, she made houses to rent out and yeah, bought more lands. She is like the property expert.

And come on man, berapa ramai dari penoreh getah yang ada those qualities, and I am talking about those people yang hidup masa tahun 1960-1970! Time tu orang lain sibuk menoreh, membajak sawah dan menanam padi. Apa yang ada, itu lah dia. But not her. She always see things differently and I am thankful to her wisdom. Kalau tak kerana dia, mungkin sekarang I tak merasa pakai branded ataupun ada duit dalam wallet waima pun. Kalau tak kerana dia, kami adik-beradik tak merasa laaa nak hidup senang lenang. *nangis.

She is the only child in the family and I can still remember; when my mok (my mum;s mother) went ill because of the stroke, she was the one who changed her routine upside down. She did everything by herself= masak,kemas rumah, jaga mok then masak lagi,then uruskan hal sewa etc. Everythings changed and we do not have a maid. She never trust one. When mok died, she was devastated but gained her strength back after a week. She recovered and on her feet in no time. She still keeps mok’s room as it is and never let us change anything on that room. She said she wanted me to do the same to her when she is gone.

And, everynight, jangan tak tahu, I temankan dia tengok TV dan akan teman dia tidur sampai subuh.

I ralat sebab tahun ni I didn’t really buy her (and my dad) stuff. Last year I poured her with BONIA (my mum suka brand ni tatau kenapa), MNG stuff, beli tudung, beli handbags, shoes.. macam-macam. But I want to make it up for next year. I know, everyone dies but at least; biarlah sempat I hantar my parents pergi Umrah dan Haji dulu, with my own money. Insya-Allah… Amin..





3 responses

11 11 2008


the sweet-est post iv ever read from u


11 11 2008

the other side of u…

how sweet.=)

12 11 2008
Mac Shu'Imizu

I love my mom too

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