Paris Hilton is infected by HIV?

10 11 2008

Takde lah, I tipu je. Tapi come to think of it, tengok list EX dia tu, layaklah kalau kena pun. Tapi oklah tu, ramai EX kan? *Jap nak tengok list I, eh kenapa kosong je?. *Nanges.

It seems as if IT-girl Paris Hilton fell in real love with rockstar Benji Madden and currently they are having a passionate affair. She currently looks quite happy and expressed her wish to have a child at several occasions. Maybe her wish for a baby has become stronger since her “Real life”-friend Nicole Richie gave birth to a little girl.

Yang pasti, senang la nak give birth nanti. Faham-faham lah kalau dah banyak EX tu kan?





3 responses

10 11 2008
Faisal Admar

haha. pandai lah ted tu.
ted senang beranak tak?

10 11 2008

Tak, I last projek, setahun lepas lah. Macam org tu juga. Confirm ketat kan?

11 11 2008

cit, sllu tertipu ngan tajuk entry ko.
tp klu btol pn, layak la ngan dia tu.. giteww..

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