Mom, dad… I’m Gay.

10 11 2008

I love Ellen. I love Wanda Sykes.  She likes to keep things real. She is real. I am trying to be real. Tapi kalau overly real, ramai pulak sentap kan. But hey, the truth hurts. Kalau tak suka, jangan mintak pendapat aku.

One thing I have never understood, if how people can justify the difference in someone. The whole African-American race thing in America just astounds me. Ever since “911″ the Muslims have been treated like second class citizens.  Why, because everyone thinks they are going to blow up buildings, planes etc.  I have met quite a few Jewish and Muslim people in my time, and yes, there are bad in those religions, but that goes the same for Catholic, Church of England, Presbyterian, etc.  Just because someone worships differently to you, does not make them bad.

Just because someone chooses an alternative lifestyle to what you are accustomed too, does it make them any different.To me a good friend is someone who is there through thick and thin, not who they are, tak kisahlah kau bapok ke, straight ke, pondan ke, apa ke.

To me people of other races, besides my Malay-Thai background; other religions and other lifestyles are one and the same.  Everyone acts and looks different, but when it comes down to it, we all want the same out of life.





5 responses

11 11 2008

say no to WAR!!!!

11 11 2008

say yes to love-making!!!

11 11 2008


so bold ;P

11 11 2008

Ismal,best bl0g u. Nanti i baca lg. Payah br0wsing fr0m ph0ne. Tp mmg best! Realistik!

12 11 2008

ted, i like ur blog too. so out of the closet. 😛

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