You bad, awfully bad, bad friend!

8 11 2008

Today commenced the third day I can’t get hold of this friend, S. Well, S ain’t running away from me, but she is running away from one of my colleague. The story of what happened is so stupid I’m not going to repeat it here. Suffice it to say that after I did what I did I thought about it and realized I was being an ass and would fix things – she apparently do not think that of a good idea.

I told S to confront M and explained to her that she can’t fulfill her promise, as for now. However, S decided to switch off her mobile and keep silent. It has been 3 days. I have no problem being an islander. I didn’t go out with her everyday, anyway. So basically, my ass is out of the story. So I PPC (pose-pose cantik) je lah kat rumah, sambil tolong kutuk adik I punya hantaran dan kad jemputan kahwin.

But I do try to call her, saja nak tahu, dah hidup ke dah mampus. Kalau dah mampus, aku nak bacakan Surah Yassin. But she switched off her mobile. Apa pun, I reckon she is still alive, because if she is dead, I WILL get hold of her kerana, akan ada pondan lain ON kan mobile phone tu untuk amek nombor anak ikan. Lagipun, itu laa yang diusahakan uals selama ini kan? . (Btw, adakah ualss tahu URL blog iols? Hmm. Lantaklah).

As already stated, M complained about my actions, and included a statement that I was not reciprocating the relationship – meaning I shouldn’t stayed silent too. What the fuck am I supposed to do? I was mad at first, but maybe she had a point too. I apologized for my actions but I can’t get hold of S myself. As an only boy in the family, I was told again and again how selfish I was and how I never thought of others (sakit hati sangat bila my mum guna sad card ni.). Mak selfish ke Valerie????.

When that was not the speech, it was one of being aware to NOT be selfish and think of others. As a result, I spend half my time trying not to be selfish and the other half feeling bad because I’m sure I am. Who doesn’t?.. I don’t like to lose the people I enjoy hanging out with. Much less through my own bad behavior.I did called and sometimes, I feel like going to her place. Maybe I should, tomorrow.

My Current Feelings

I absolutely loathe it when i know that my friend is one of those people who run away from problems.I wish I could be strong and not care. I am strong, but I do care about people. I wish I didn’t care. But I do. I kesian kat M because she needed the money. But anyway, I am glad that it happened, now I really know how is she like. Not that I didn’t before, but now, I have been justified. Looks like, musang is not the only person I should look out for (“,).

OK. Fine. I will try once more to make things up and if she remains stubborn, whiny, and inconsolable then just know you did what you could do. And, go out and find a new fun, compassionate person to hang out with. Aku kat sini sampai December je pun.

Betul tak?





3 responses

9 11 2008

Ala bace tp x fhm. x pe la i buat buat paham. “oh really? kejamnyeeee. isk2”.

9 11 2008
Faisal Admar

I’d just ignore craps like her. Waste of time.

9 11 2008

maybe she was having THE sickest period cramp ever so she decides to lashed it out on you?


you know girls… they’re unexpected… just like bottom gays… oppss…

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