Couture, Couture, Los Angeles!

7 11 2008

One of the main reasons I love reading Vanity Fair and Vogue (apart from the unexpectedly intelligent and sharp editorials) is the the photography.

I love seeing different photographers expose their personalities and inner designs through the modem of photography and fashion.

I got the latest issue of Vogue yesterday and while reading it I was reminded of my love for Tim Walker; photographer, artist, appreciator of beauty and the surreal.His photoshoots are what I want my life to be designed as. He sees the shoots as art and tells a story with the clothes and the models. There’s something a bit On-The-Edge about his photographs, but they’re always fantastical and gasp-n-sigh worthy.





3 responses

7 11 2008

lerr.. tatau pun hang langgan.. harus i rembat nanti kat umah hang.. awas.. jangan THN

7 11 2008

hehe.. cool stuff.. surely i’ll drop by sometimes again~

9 11 2008


camne nak subscribe ek?

leh tak subscribe thru bookstore

cam MPH ke?


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