Bertakhta Dihati.

6 11 2008


It’s funny how one bad apple CAN ruin the whole bunch. When you have a bad experience or are hurt in some way, you avoid that situation again at all costs… kinda like touching a hot stove. Once you’ve touched a hot stove you’d be an idiot to touch it again… unless you’re a glutton for 3rd degree burns. It’s the same with having your heart broken, you’d be an idiot to open yourself up to love or emotion again.

I’m not one to easily open myself up to people and for this I have good reason. I have experienced many hurts in my life and have learned that ‘most’ people are less than trustworthy. The words loyalty, honesty and commitment are things of the past. Maybe I was born in the wrong generation cause I think that men should step the fuck up and be men! What happened to men being the rock? When did men start being allowed to puss out so easily? I can’t just point the finger at men, everyone seems to be quick to up and leave… this is why I never believed in the traditional vows, ‘… for better or worse’, please… fuck the worse, when it looks like there may get bad people bounce!

My heart has been through so much and I’m surprised that it failed me after all these years. I stayed single and kept to myself for a very long time and as it turns out that is the best path for me. After a miserably failed relationship I am once again damaged and this time, I doubt if I can be fixed. So in essence, one man ruined it for the rest. So a word to the wise… think twice before you step on someone’s heart, you never know if you’ll be the fatal step.

Jadi, siapakah orang yang akan bertakhta dihatiku?





5 responses

6 11 2008

i ke yang bertakhta di hati u ??
oopssssss !!

matilah dok perasan sendiri ajo
hik hik ~

u take care k

6 11 2008

Love is like a butterfly, The more u choose it, The more it eludes u, But if u just let it fly….it will come to u when u least expect it…..

Love can make u hapi but often it hurt, But love is only special when u give it to someone who is really worth it…..

So take your time and choose the BEST!!! 🙂

6 11 2008

Awww thank you. Ramai pulak silent reader nowadays eks.

6 11 2008

siapakah di hatimu…

6 11 2008

puaka tebing biru memang berangan

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