Ambo ore kelate.

6 11 2008

I’ve never been on top of my class, education wise. OK I lied. I’ve been on top. Few times and I loved it. But I don’t brag about it. I don’t brag about how much money I have (which leads to liquidity failure), how many cars were under my name,how many properties I owned (or will be owning for that matter), etc.

I just don’t. So I don’t give a fuck if people do because it’s not my image on the line. I am trying to be as pleasing as I can be, though I find it quite hard sometimes as I am a pretty straight forward person.

I say what I wanted to say and sometimes people mislead it. All of these shit thus leads to the small amount of friends I currently have. I’m not complaining about it. I’m just too fucking picky anyway. And I love myself for that. I don’t give a fuck about other people. OK I’ve said that twice already.

What I love about me is, people wouldn’t believe that I am a Kelantanese. They’d say, I don’t look like one, they would’ve doubt it. I simply don’t understand. Why? How does a Kelantanese should look like anyways?.

I’m just curious.

winger sic: gong kusigh
winger sic: kunat nge mikos wak gapo
Ted Baker: dok tgk org pasang kipas la dalam bilek dia
Ted Baker: dok kan nok MENIKAH
winger sic: kehkeh
winger sic: gong kusigh
Ted Baker: gilo dih
Ted Baker: nok nikoh doh dio
Ted Baker: doh la geok
Ted Baker: ado laaaaaaa ore nok dih
winger sic: gong dok g tulong
Ted Baker: basoooooooooo aku
Ted Baker: aku tulong tgk jah
winger sic: kehkeh…gong la mu ni





5 responses

6 11 2008

tak faham bahasa kelantan la

6 11 2008

ni cerita pasal pasang kipas. dan encik ted yang malas. hehe.

p/s: I miss someone. sape eh?

6 11 2008

Wah Ted….abis tubik segalo speaking Kelate deh…..pekat tu deh :))

6 11 2008

wenkt berangan.. opsss..
banyak betol gong2 dlm transcript tuh.. apakah korang sama2 nak main Gong???

p/s: I miss someone too.. sape tatau..

6 11 2008

Wenk – Jangan berangan.

Nurin – Yela faham korang akan kapel nnt. Hehe.

Yan – Tahu pong!!!

Arep – Kau pun sama satu kapal.

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