Superliciously stupid.

26 10 2008

Rimas lah bila kena curfew. Pukul 1 dah kena balek dah. I think having a curfew of twelve o’clock is utterly stupid. It’s plain stupidity. Awal gila my friends cakap. For me, curfew is done to help reduce vandalism, thats why people have been proposing a curfew. Presumably, the people doing the vandalism are under 18 and presumbaly, nobody under the age of 18 does anything after dark. Presumably, getting young people off the streets at night will stop vandalism. Masalahnya, ted ni mana lah nak buat vandalism bagai ni. Ingat aku reti ke? Mana aku reti. And one more thing, terhentikah vandalism, rempit, melepak dan race motor haram tu even curfew has been implemented by parents or the government pun?.

See, ted dah merapik-rapik lah. I felt rebellious. Sebab dah bertahun-tahun keluar sesuka hati di KL, SA dan di Penang kan, tiba-tiba ada curfew. Sometimes I felt that my parents were absolutely ridiculous to think of that I would do drugs. Ya Allah. Sekarang, I’m beginning to lost some weight, lagi la mampus aku. I have better things to do. Sometimes I felt so irritating to actually explain that I could’ve done all of those things in KL dulu. But they seem not to understand. Oh well, I am naughty when I was in Kl before, but I didn’t even really get in trouble.

Ini, bukan buat apa pun, lepak kopitiam, we were showing our middle finger to each other explicitly,screaming infidelities. We were having a great time chatting, bursting with laughter every now and then. Listening to music and having fed with Kelantan foods was heaven I tell you.

Huh sudahlah. Nak godek belajar photoshop la, lagi bagus.

Ted Baker




4 responses

26 10 2008

Nok. U can call my UK no. 07532494739 since my celcom is roaming with rocket charge.

Lots of Love..


27 10 2008
Faisal Admar

wah! en arep skrng main no uk je yek 😛
ted, maybe parent buat mcm tu for ur own good. jangan marah² sebab mmg you nak stay with parent in kb pon kan?
ok, duduk rumah godek photoshop. idea yg bagus.

27 10 2008

I’ve been curfew… Lately. And I hate it.

p/s: to Arep, how come I don’t get your UK number. Bencik!

27 10 2008

Since i’m in States right now, this is my number 0032775517474***tekan2 tak dapat.. hehe

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