OMG it’s so tiring being fabulous.

23 10 2008

Please fuck off and annoy/stalk other cunt.

Today, I make the strangest thing. I called up Aimee from ERA.FM and I got through the line. Of all the people, I got through the line. Haha. Kind of a weird situation to be in when you don’t want to get into the horseshit of politics, don’t want to deal with conspiracy theories, don’t want to be extreme in either direction but at some moment, you start dialing few times and when you got through, you just have that connection with the topic of her segment. Merasa aku bantai few people. Yang bestnya, one of my colleague (maaf bukan 4 celaka itu), she overheard the conversation on the radio and of course, by all means, I berani potong anu (erkkkkk), everyone in my class have heard this news.

I have few things to say today:

  • I do not care about how many men can you get per day, per month or per year. I really don’t give a fuck.
  • I am irreplaceable.
  • I don’t understand why does some people always got what they don’t deserve to get.
  • I am super-fierce.

OMG it’s so tiring being fabulous.

What am I doing? Minding my own fucking business.

Ted Baker




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