Je m’excuse d’être un tel âne!

23 10 2008

Lately I have been on cruise control, my weeks are generally the same except for tonight. I like being in control. My own money, my own time and my own space; of course this includes my own conversation. To be frank, it makes me itchy when somebody talks about shit … bla bla bla. It makes me want to puke right on their face. I guess that is my forte, I don’t make friends with everyone. I’m not picky, I am just selective. How can you please everyone? C’est absolument pas.

Maaf, ini bukan Yan, Ted Baker, apatah lagi Arep!

Anyway back to my cruise control, some conversations today were, really, extremely out of proportion. I met fellow blogger, Yan today. She was sooo nice, such a vibrant person and full of suprises. I am so happy that Arep asked her to join us. It was a suprise though that Yan actually were in KB all this while. I thought Yan were in KL. Yelahhh KB kan boring kan! Yan is the second blogger I met. Yay! At least the bloggers  I met bukanlah macam blogger yang Arep jumpa kan. Berangan je lebih. Sampai sentap kawan tu seminggu.

Oh yeah, Yan, personally, ted nak mintak maaf kalau-kalau tersilap atau terkasar bahasa when meeting you up yesterday. On my way back, it came to me that most of our (me, Arep and Su) conversations were rather sensitive especially on the dot dot dot part. Mana tahu kan. Maaf sekali lagi. I really wish  I won’t acted as stupid as I did. Haha. Mais vraiment, il a été sorti très ou la proportion. Sorry eks! Memang la Yan gelak-gelak dengan lawak ted tapi mana tahu if Yan rasa uncomfortable ke apa ke. Désolé de nouveau.

Ted Baker




One response

24 10 2008

Ted, Mek okay jer dengan all the conversations that we had last nite…At least with all of guys can cheer up my night yang sememangnya ke ting tong dah semalam. It was not sensitive issues that we were talking last night as it was common things happened in real life…only depend to the people itself rather they can take it or not…But for me, Mek okay sajor..:D

We shud meet some other time later….gossip2 dengan hangpa semua memang de vazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz….:)

p/s : gigih tul terus update blog naaaaa…:D

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