Kalau aku kata bangang, kau marah.

20 10 2008

Dude, don’t want me to get mad? Then don’t do something that would get me mad. I don’t know about you but when someone annoys me, my instinct is to go POW rather than tell them to please go have some fun. I just can’t bear it too long. I jenis tak akan simpan dalam. Kalau tak suka, I’ll show it on my face and then I’ll say it to your face. Someone please enlighten me. Ini yang nak meroyan ni kan Hooked!





5 responses

21 10 2008

ko bagi je kahak hijau kat YOUR TRULY yang buat perangai ittiew nok….

21 10 2008

awat nak meroyan ni Ted??

21 10 2008

aku no komen !

21 10 2008

Hooked- Kan Hooked. I should spit in her food ops!
Axim – Period laaa sebb tu ngamuk.
Conan- Kan!!!

21 10 2008

I feel it’s okay – good even – when you tell it straight. The key is not to embarrass that person. That means “the manner” it is done is crucial. If anything, the other person will most likely not repeat it (as opposed to you just keeping quiet). Properly handled, there will be added mutual respect between both.

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