Living in humble.

19 10 2008

How many times do I have to make the argument that clothes are for douchebags? Sheesh. Exhibit #1. Rawr.

HUMBLE. Merendah diri. Ade fahem?

Lately I have experienced a substantial influx of individuals commenting on my personality, demeanor and even my swag. Now, I’ve never been one to easily accept compliments, but as I get older and maybe even a bit more popular (matilamak!), I am learning to better accept and appreciate the compliments that come my way. I think as a lot of individuals that are overweight, or anyone for that matter, self-esteem plays a big part in the way we perceive compliments. For a long time I thought that people said nice things to me just to be nice…

I didn’t really believe that they truly thought that way about me. The truth is, is that I didn’t think those things about myself so there was no way that I was going to believe that others thought that way of me. My own insecurities wouldn’t allow me to really appreciate the way that others saw me.

Anywho… getting back on track…

I have met many people in life that have transformed into something greater than they previously were. I am talking about people who may have been poor, unattractive or shy in school and then as an adult has transformed into a wealthy, gorgeous socialite who knows no limits. I have also met people who have been raised in the shadow of success and have never went without and don’t even comprehend the meaning of struggle.

Through all of the different people that I have met, I notice that there is one very common characteristic between a large majority (I’d say 90%) of them and that’s their pretentiousness. Let me speak freely and tell you that there is nothing more unattractive to me than an egotistical blow-hard! Now for the other 10% of successful individuals who can maintain their sanity, I have nothing for the utmost respect and appreciation.

The thing is… I can sometimes understand why people who were born with a silver spoon in their mouth can get away with thinking they are better than everyone else, they don’t know any better, but I will NEVER understand how people who know what it ’s like to be on the bottom can EVER look down upon or act in a manor that is demeaning to the people around them. I truly do look at people on a very equal level. I feel like this… we are ALL flawed, we all bleed red and we all can lose everything we have in the blink of an eye… as humans our lives are delicate and can be shattered instantaneously! This fact in itself should be enough to humble any soul. Insya-Allah.

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2 responses

20 10 2008

hmmm this entry really useful..

but kenapa macam nak tujukan pada seseorang jer..hehe

20 10 2008

Konsep dia: Siapa makan cili dia rasa pedas.

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