It’s Fazura, bitch!

16 10 2008

Yezza! I have said again and again yang Faz is one of my favorite actress ever! Ever ever ever! *matila korang tak setuju!

Pixel taken from Joe’s

Now lets do some poll!

Ted Baker




7 responses

16 10 2008

i am human, best tol jawapan dia… matilah eZora kembali katanya n yaaaa leave Britney alone, womanizer gitoooooooo

16 10 2008

I voted for “Not”.
But then, so are my opinions on the “Importance” scale when it comes to Entertainment issues … for the simple reason that I don’t follow it much (but this might change *very soon*. I’ll tell you about it another time… and YOU might be involved too! Oh, okay; if you’re getting too curious to stand it anymore, send me an e-mail to my usual address from the “Recovery” blog)

Anyway, have to take my hats off to you in being able to be so prolific with your posts here. There seems to be a new one each time I refresh and glance at the RSS feed in “Cendana Blues”!

16 10 2008

aku turut bersetuju ngn uol. faz the best.
mata aku trus tertancap ayat2 akhir tu ” Leave Britney Alone”.
kekwat sgt.

17 10 2008
Just Nis

oh, ai suke dia since gol n gincu.. before that ai rasa dia so-so je..
**remember bicara hati?? adeh!!!**


17 10 2008
duta - helmi majid ismail

hey! i luv her too… muah2!

19 10 2008
Faisal Admar

fazura? whoa! sambung lancap. *kidding*

27 10 2008


dat bitch is hot!

*aku maksudkn fazura..bukan taun tanah*


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