Mari terbang bersama Malaysia Airlines!

15 10 2008

Malaysia Airlines are home to over 22,000 talented people, dedicated to excellence in all things revolving around air travel, and always on the look out for more to share in its passion.

Flight steward or stewardess

If you love travelling and dream of experiencing the world, join in as a flight steward or stewardess. Malaysia Airlines offer an attractive salary package with allowances, travel, medical and other fringe benefits. Be a part of Malaysia Airlines winning team to help bring Malaysian Hospitality to the world.

Basic Requirements:

  1. Malaysian citizen aged between 18 and 30 years
  2. Academic qualifications: Passed SPM or an equivalent qualification recognised by the Malaysian Government with credits in Bahasa Malaysia and English and passed in any other 4 subjects including Mathematic taken in one sitting
  3. Fluent in Bahasa Malaysia and English (fluency in other languages is an advantage)
  4. Minimum height:
    Male – 165cm
    Female – 157cm
    (with weight in proportion)
  5. Excellent health and good eyesight (not colour blind)
  6. Pleasant personality and genuine passion in customer service

If you think you have what it takes and are interested to join in, please apply online. Please ensure that you include a full length photo with your resume before submission. Do note that applications without photos will not be entertained. Submission for applications ends on 10 August 2008. Only shortlisted candidates will be notified via email.

Successful candidates will be required to sign a training bond. Employment will be based on a five year contract.

Apply online » Or walk in:

Station: Kuala Lumpur
Venue: Malaysia Airlines Academy.No.2,Jalan SS7/13,Kelana Jaya,Selangor.
Date: 18th Oct 2008 (Flight Stewardess)
19th Oct 2008 (Flight Steward)

Registration Time: 9.00am – 12pm

Please bring along letter of application,resume,original and certified true copies of academics certificates,
IC and a recent passport size photograph.
Office attire for the interview,Female candidates are encouraged to wear kebaya.

Good luck!

Ted Baker




6 responses

15 10 2008

motif kau promote???

15 10 2008


15 10 2008

yg hensem dah la pergi.
aku nk anak ikan je.
kalau tak, aku tak nak naik mas dah.

19 10 2008
Faisal Admar

dah pegi sekali interview masa umo 18. alasan kena reject: still studying and too young.

malas dah pegi sebab kesian tgk dorang kene keje flight ke germany dulu. macam kuli jek.

21 10 2008

nk interview stewardess MAS tp da terlepas da…
kesian kat kami…
impian nk terbang di langit biru..
bile lak ad interview ni?

21 10 2008

nk g interview stewardess MAS tp da terlepas da…
kesian kat kami…
impian nk terbang di langit biru..
bile lak ad interview ni?

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