I’ve been curfewed.

15 10 2008

Hahaha! As time progresses the significance of dates and months fades with our memories. But I can still remember few incidents where my mum went absolutely bonkers everytime I balek lepas pukul 12 (which means I balek seawal pukul 4 pagi, hehe).

And now, guess what? I’ve been curfewed!! Hahaha!

This is not funny. I’m the second person in my circle that has been curfewed! My other friend, Zaim has been curfewed years before me. I baru je berkuat-kuasa hari ni. Haha. Yeah right I nak ikut. In your dream my parents.

As a terminally lazy individual having my parents read to me was one of the biggest thrills my five year old self could get. Every night as bedtime rolled around my parents could be SURE that the ear piercing
screech of a flustered five year old would ensue if I was not entertained. They were sooo afraid if I become a drug addict.


Mother, just because I lost  some weight, doesnt mean I took drugs!!. Dari I beli drugs, baek I realisasikan impian beli D60. Huh. Penat tau melayan parents yang berimaginasi tinggi ni!

Ted Baker




4 responses

16 10 2008

ualz..i juz give my 2 cent la kan!

u nak beli nikon D60? well, i suggest you buy D80/D90 terus

D60 – bad review lah..takut nnt u menyesal plak!

16 10 2008

mak tutop mulottttt

16 10 2008

wait ..you talkin bout cam kan..not other thing yang mb i lost ka?

16 10 2008

olympus pun ok jugak nok. mak pakai olympus. murah dan tak banyak probs…

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