Ted’s 2009 Wish List

14 10 2008

I was going to do this earlier, but never got around to it, with daily blogging and what not.  I thought it might be entertaining – at least for me – to do a mockup of who I hope to see (and get) on a 2009 calendar, and then compare it to what actually happens. It’s getting exciting as each day passes by and very soon, I’ll be doing something that Insya-Allah worth the pay. Not that my previous job were as bad, but I guess it was like a transition and whatever happens must have it’s reasons.

All of us had wishes to fulfill. Being human, I too have border less imagination on the things I want in the future.

  1. Nikon D60 to start off my wedding photography career.
  2. A house (apartment would be a good start) – ada tanah tapi tak buat rumah pun tak guna.
  3. Perabut yang meletop! – dari Ikea or mix and match lah!
  4. My OWN car! – walaupun ada dah kereta dan nama I pulak tu, tetap monthlynye my mum bayar so boleh ke consider my car? No no no.
  5. Apple gadget – tambah lagi dan lagi! (dari dok belanja anak ikan tak berbaloi tu, baik beli gadget kan!)
  6. A full closet of designer labels – Ala Pak Abu kan! Opss camne I tahu? Hehe, I’ve worked for him before lah!
  7. Starts my own business – dulu dengan my-ex dah rancang tapi tak menjadi.

Angan-angan, kalau diingini dengan usaha, Insya-Allah akan membuahkan hasil.

Ted Baker




10 responses

14 10 2008

wan pun rasa cam tu gak. dari dok blanje anak ikan, baik beli gadgets bebanyak….

14 10 2008


14 10 2008

hahaha gila lawak part belanja anak ikan tu nok. mak setuju sangat part tu

14 10 2008

ni mesti ramai anak ikan ni..haha

14 10 2008

ni mesti duk bela ramai anak ikan ni..haha

14 10 2008

i have no wish anymore…….:(

14 10 2008

I have just included this blog in my RSS feed at the sitebar of Cendana Blues: Addicted to Politics at http://cendana287.blogspot.com I hope you won’t mind.

Although almost all of the blogs are political-centric, I want to be always reminded of yours and also Elviza ‘s to read when I’m not too busy. And right now, I’m frequently busy; which was why I had not been here and to Arep’s site for quite some time.

BTW I still remember what you had said when I started the “Recovery” blog that “many people will come”. And I had laughed, because it was totally unlikely at that time (with daily hits of around 15 – tu pun dah rasa “okay”, because I was more keen to “feel satisfaction inside and fulfillment, NOT of how many people come).

The second site is “okay enough” (exceeded 5,000 hits in first month). However, I’m planning “promotions” to attract more. Unlike “Recovery” which is solely for spiritual development and for meeting and knowing people, the second one has “commercial projects” in mind. So please bear with the adverts and what-nots, should you go there.

14 10 2008
Faisal Admar

ah weird thing is i love apple gadget but i don’t have any. weird enough? don’t call me cheapskate but i’m too much aware of necessary and necessity. lol.

i want to sell this compaq but hardly find buyer. bought in august for 2.3k only. if i could sell it, then might buy my 1st apple =p

p/s: damn. what should i wear for company dinner this fri? damn damn!

19 10 2008

harap2 tertunai hendaknyaa …
dapatkan d60 dulu ..
konpem bila d60 dah buat duit yg lain akan menyusul

hihi ~

19 10 2008
Faisal Admar

eh lily, bukan d90 better ke? keke. *mode hasut*

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