Destiny’s Child

10 10 2008

At this point of writing, I am at a bottleneck of being busy.

I have to actually run, stop and check my breathe, and run again to settle things before I say good bye to this school, Penang and my campus. It’s like a Destiny’s Child video. So intense. Lucky me, I had Azie with me to do the attendance table (again!) since one of my colleague actually do have a brain of a cow. Tak boleh diharap langsung. Mengajar macam haram jadah, kerjanya tengok Youtube aje.  Semalam ted purposely said something to her about her attitude (and it was rought sampai Efa pun terkejut) and I hope she got some clue later. The world does not revolve around you la betina.!


At some point, I am pissed of with my other 4 colleagues here in the school. None of them, in my opinion have what it takes to be a teacher. Semua nampak nak jadi cikgu sebab it’s a job, rather than seeing it as a professional career.

In today’s world there are enormous career options available and most of them are still conventional although new fields are emerging day by day but the usual jobs like jobs in education sector (teacher’s especially) are still the most conventional ones. Whenever we think about the job a picture that appears in our mind shows a person who sleeps while his/her students were throwing planes out of paper. My 4 colleagues who did their training with me are those people in the picture. Hampeh, tak boleh harap langsung! Macam ted cakap dulu, ted nak simpulkan beberapa perkara untuk 4 orang ni, so here it goes.

  1. Colleague 1 – Apa kes kau asyik tersengeh-sengeh je? Mata tu kalau tak pandang bontot cikgu perempuan lain tak sah la kan? Itu je lah yang kau tahu, tengok bontot orang! Time mengajar ko merepek.
  2. Colleague 2 – Kerja ko hari-hari tengok Youtube aje. Pemalas gila! Orang lain sibuk buat kerja ko tak nak tolong tapi time ada makan-makan kau sua pinggan dulu. Ko kenapa perangai buruk sangat? Terlebih makan minyak sawit agaknye.
  3. Colleague 3 – Berangan ko ingat ko bagus! Kau nye LP pun tunggang-terbalik sampai lecturer letak tanda soal sebesar alam dalam buku tu. Ko leh gi mati la dengan pengalaman kau tu.
  4. Colleague 4 – Langsung tak boleh mintak tolong. Yang kau tahu, mengongkek!

Puas hati.

Ted Baker




6 responses

10 10 2008

right on!!!! haha sentap

10 10 2008

kau memang mulut celaka kan.. tapi someone deserve it la kan..

10 10 2008

pecah perut aku bace description utk 4 org tu…HAHAHAA

10 10 2008
Faisal Admar

haha. kena sebijik sorang2 atas batang idung.

p/s: agak sedih la gak x dpt jumpa ted sebelum balik kelantan. tp i faham, u letih sgt dari alor star kan xoxo

11 10 2008

ted-bukan nak cakap la, sebab cikgu-cikgi yang 4 orang ni lah, orang perlekeh kerjaya guru. apa nak buat kan.

11 10 2008

I’m sorry that I’ve not come here for quite some time. REALLY busy right now, for I’ve started another blog.

And this second one requires a lot of reading of other related blogs and following RSS feeds. Have to put in the effort because I have commercial projects that I’m trying to implement. And they are not just related to mere advertisements at the blog. Ada “indirect business” that I’m trying to do…

BTW what you have mentioned here – it’s really disappointing that there are such people in the profession. Orang-orang gini yang dok jatuhkan martabat profession. Yes, they exist everywhere, but they should not be happening in schools. Impact dia amat besar, sebab we’re dealing with CHILDREN – these are people whose “diri” will be much affected by those who teach them.

It’s frustrating that not much could (or “would”) be done towards those four teachers. But I like what you did to that particular teacher, bagi dia sedar sikit:-) Peer pressure gini yang most effective. Cuma be careful not to overdo it.

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