Striking a balance

23 09 2008

First my dad, now my Tok Teh. She was admitted in the hospital today for a severe stomach pain. Will be visiting her after work. Kesian Tok Teh. Biasalah orang tua kan. Well, it is not as bad as you thought. Adik-beradik my dad memang semua ada chest history. Semua sakit jantung. I’ve done my medical check-up and as for now, there is no sign of me generating the same compulsion. Alhamdulillah..

Yesterday, as I created my day, I found myself complaining about the details of life. The long hairs I found in my shower. The dirty laundry the landlord left in the washing machine. The challenges at work.

Just moments ago, I glanced at the calendar and realized that I have only 4 days to go before Cuti Raya. , I had the chance to slow down for a few moments. I caught a few breaths on the couch. I paused. And suddenly, a tidal wave of warmth washed over me. As I looked out the window, overlooking this rural school, I was reminded that life is completely and utterly perfect and beautiful. Indeed, there is so much for which I should express gratitude.

Instead of expressing that gratitude, I had busied myself complaining about the insignificant details. Instead of focusing my energy on the beautiful path that I’m traveling, I focused it on the few speed bumps that stand in my way.

I am so fucking thankful for the roof over my head, the people in my life, the challenges, my relationships, you, being born into a world so desperately in need of love, my career, the speed bumps, my physical abilities, my family and a zillion and one other aspects of my existence.

I’m so fucking grateful.

Today, I will smile with my eyes on a world that I love so much.

Ted Baker




3 responses

23 09 2008

pls don’t use the F word.

this is conti

23 09 2008
Faisal Admar

Just because there are 4 days left before Raya… and you’re smiling now? 😉
Hope it continues when the Raya’s holidays has finished.

23 09 2008

Please Use the F word. Because a professor in UPSI had done her Thesis on Vulgar Words, its no longer used as cursing, but rather Complimenting. This is a very DAMN FUCKING good entry Ted. I agree with you. ko berjaya membuatkan aku mengelap air matakiew. Hiks…

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