Marhaban Ya Ramadhan

1 09 2008

Ready, Set, Go!! And we are off!

…berkata para malaikat kepada Jibrail , apakah Allah berikan pada hajat orang mukmin dari umat Muhammad (s.a.w) pada bulan Ramadan ini? Berkata Jibrail bahawasanya Allah menilik kepada umat Muhammad yang berpuasa dan beribadah padanya dan dimaafkan mereka, diampunkan dosa-dosa mereka, melainkan empat orang yang tiada diampunkan dosanya: yaitu orang yang kekal minum arak, orang yang derhakakan ibubapanya, orang yang memutuskan sillaturrahim dan orang yang tidak bercakap dengan saudaranya lebih dari 3 hari.

Oh dear God finally I publish (like-anyone-would-care) my blog in English. What’s with Permatang Pauh and ehem, the ‘kesederhanaan’ of our 51st Independence Day celebration, I say that this is the only thing worth fussing over.

I don’t remember when I first started looking forward to the fasting month other than because of Hari Raya.

Yeah well, Hari Raya you get duit raya and 30% of increased possibilities of getting diabetes and obesity, what could be more exciting right?

All I can say is, if you viewed Ramadhan literally, not getting to do all the usual things could seem tiring and exhausting. But..if you see it as a month to repent and improve, then Ramadhan is an opportunity and not a liability.

Consider it as a comma in life, where you get to pause and analyse what you have and all you’ve done so far. Not unlike writing, once you’ve written the bits down, you can easily discover what’s missing. Obtaining the “missing” parts is what Ramadhan is all about  (“,)

I cannot believe that time has passed us by so quickly. Apparently, differs from the previous years. Weirdly this year i found myself really looking forward to this year ramadhan. Dont really bother about Merdeka or any celebration related to it this year. For me it’s a time to reflect on the past year, since the last Ramadhan. What I have set out to achieve in terms of spirituality and religion and how much progress I have made. Ramadhan is the perfect time to set goals in terms of ibadah, to execute it and to make dua that we can continue it for the rest of the year and ultimately to establish such actions in our lives.

Last night I went for my tarawikh at Masjid Terapung. It was the best view (besides Kaabah) so far. I’ve met few of my students, but I guess they didn’t recognize me with all of those Baju Melayu I had on. The best thing about Ramadhan for me is, it’s the only time I can choose simplicity. No labels required and there is no such thing as fast in the day and feast at night. There is no one to be pleased besides our creator.

The atmosphere of serenity, spiritual closeness to our Creator and in general the beauty of this blessed month.

Marhaban Ya Ramadhan….




One response

1 09 2008

ku mengharapkan ramadhan kali ini memberikan ku seribu makna dan keberkatan dari Nya..


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