Shut the fuck up

29 08 2008

Since I’ve had my energy back on track (and two Bahasa Malaysia entry), I wanted to express something in English... So here it goes..


I am not nearly as fucking retarded as you think.  I am a smart boy and if you can’t accept that, that’s your problem.  I can’t do this much.  I can’t think about this much.  There aren’t enough hours in the day for me to muster up enough “give-a-fuck” to get this all done.

I am smart, gifted even…creative and valuable, but you are absolutely wasting it on minutia, redundancy and general bullshit.  I am a fine driver and am more self-less than you could ever imagine being.  I am burnt-out, miserable and find no passion or drive in my life to achieve anything more than this.  The more demands you give me, the less drive I feel to complete them.  I am never going to call enough, email enough, or pay close enough attention.  I am never going to work that many hours or care enough.  There will always be more important things in life to me than your money and your feelings so long as my money and my feelings exist.  If you are this self-important, I have every right under the power of od on this green Earth to tell you to screw yourself. So get over yourself and just accept that I’m the best there is out there!.

You know you love me.


Ted Baker




5 responses

29 08 2008


29 08 2008

Hoi takde kerja lain ke dok melangut kat blog aku nihh!! (katanya gemulah ImahLenggok). I tak kata, Imah kata…

29 08 2008

sabaq, sabaq..

29 08 2008


31 08 2008

marahnya dia…

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