Dear criticism…

26 08 2008

Dear Criticism,

I love you because of the important lesson you teach all of us: do not measure life by the externals.

You challenge me to not use the judgments of others as measuring sticks against which I determine the value of my life or the value of my being. Of course, those judgments aren’t always negative. Positive judgments, or compliments, must be held in the same regard.

Like drops of rain on a windshield, I let compliments and criticisms roll off of me. You remind me not not assign worth to the judgments of others.

I have value as a human being because I am. The form that my body takes may be judged as too young or too old, too short or too tall, too thin or too fat, too pale or too dark, but none of these things are me. They are my body; they are my mask.

My true self or spirit seeks the approval of no one. It is immune to criticism and feels below or above no one. My spirit can see the same spirit in others, hiding under different bodies and different masks.

Thank you, criticism, for being a teacher in disguise. Thank you for connecting me to my inner divinity. With all my heart, I love you.


Ted Baker




One response

26 08 2008

i demand u to do as what i said.. he didnt even know u daaaa

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