25 08 2008

You want perfect byotch, I give you a perfect teaching byotch!

Today started out not too promising. I had some errors in my LP, but I really didn’t see it coming. I thought all of my students had that particular literature book (since nobody cares to tell me that they don’t and teachers need to bring it to classroom), so I carried on my LP like I planned. Boy was I shocked when then had no idea about the book I’m referring to. But I must say, I did carried it quite well.

‘Well organized but should have followed LP, missed step 4‘ was stated by Miss S at the very bottom of my LP book.

Oh well, I did my best, better luck next time. OK I lied.. It’s not my best yet.  The truth is, I did it in a last minute manner because, supposedly, I must write my LP the day before each class (as well as to prepare any teaching aids that would came along). The truth is, again,  I was so eager to balik kampung, that I had forgotten to do it before I submitted my LP book to the principle (on the August 15th). Haha… My bad! I only did it for about an hour before my class, using the typical (or was it old school?) manila card and newspaper cutting. Old stuff always worked.

Come on, give me a break. Its only been one month. These people seems to think that I am a miracle worker. My new-bestfriend, Effa and I joke pretty consistently about the fact that we could really give a shit less about a majority of the work we do (or the shitty students we have to see everyday). The thing is, most of the students I see, have these cheeky personality towards me. It’s confusing whether they like me or teasing me..Of course, there are moment of pride peppered into our weeks, but on the whole…not so much.

I told my 4A students that, I don’t really care if you didn’t pay attention to me in class. If you refused to listen, then go to sleep or just shut the fuck up. Whilst other wanting to learn and enjoyed my class, I don’t give a shit about you. I’m still celebrating my salary (kononnya la sebab dwang ingat I dibayar masa praktikal ni, huh!), It’s not me doing my exam and it’s not me putting my future on the line. So you choose then, to be a majority or a minority in here because I’m getting a high volume of responds from your friend.

It works.

If any of you know me, you know that I write, I’m addictic to orange juices, I surf. I don’t do finances. So when I mentioned this past career detour, Effa laughed. She said, “Knowing how you are now, I couldn’t picture you working for a mortgage place.

I said, “Knowing who I am, I can’t believe I’m teaching people to be morally right. Effort is the name of the game, fools”

Yeah, that’s pretty accurate.

Carrie Bradshaw




4 responses

25 08 2008

blog ni pun best. nak bubuh kat link arr. bleh kah?

25 08 2008

ok2. tq. aku link skrg.

25 08 2008

wah.. peminat conan kah?

26 08 2008

The “Rancangan Mengajar” – this is what I hate most when I was a teacher … and I wasn’t on drugs then during the 11/12 years that I was one.

I always neglected to do the Minggu and Harian for WEEKS on end. Only after receiving reminders from the senior assistant would I start to fill in the back-dated pages. What a torture!

To some people, it might seem as if “I was a lazy teacher” back then. FAR FROM IT! If you’d ask my previous colleagues – and especially the students – you’ll know how dedicated I was. It’s just that I hate this meaningless paperwork. After a few years, one does not really need formal teaching plans – I KNOW what to do and teach while walking to the class.

BTW should tell you what I was busy with recently – I’m doing a story about the recording industry … specifically this “90-10” quota issue with the radio stations. But SHHH!! No mention of it, okay? I want to be “Anonymous”… And I’m “new” when it comes to doing Entertainment-related stories…

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