Ske hati dia la nak jolok sape pon!

25 08 2008

Anwar+Saiful+Swearing+Najib+Permatang Pauh= MESS!

This is just wrong. I personally think that this public swearing is CLEARLY political, sub-judice, a contempt of court, trial by media and an attempt to pervert the course of Justice. I don’t care if Anwar Ibrahim is GAY from the very beginning!!. I really don’t because I believe that the people’s interest must be put up front.

I don’t care who leads the country, as long as, sorry, he/she is a Malay (since I am in full support of our constitution) and he can make Malaysia a better place to live in. Lantaklahhh dia gay ke apa ke.. One of them is clearly a lesbian, why does no one raised this matter up?! Is being gay means is a harsh and shallow life for one? Same goes with our ex-Health Minister. Ske hati dia lah dia nak jolok sapa pun! As long as he did his job well! Bini kau pergi letopkan anak orang dalam hutan tu kau ingat perangai manusia ke? Itu BINATANG!

For me, you are either heterosexual or homosexual.  There is no such thing as metrosexual and retrosexual.  If you are leaning toward metro or retro then you are just looking for an excuse to say that you are not gay. Stop using mosque as your way to prove your innocence. Go to court and let the evidence speak for itself. You can swear 1000 times but clearly, it serve no one any good. It’s a clear see also that whatever issue BN throw on DSAI is equal to water of a duck’s back

The thing is, we all have one thing in common and that is we’re fed up with BN and want to see a change of government.Malaysians have came long way and understand that criticising others blindly is not the way it’s going to work.

Look at DSAI when Najib brought up the sodomy issue. DSAI only issued a warning to Najib and that was ‘Najib, remember Port Dickson?’

So that’s what I mean. Before you point your fingers at others, look at your position first.

Ted Baker




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25 08 2008

i tutop mulot…

ermm no comment .. sambil2 sipu2 malu

25 08 2008

malaysian politic scene are a total drama. it’s a mess and humiliating. and sorry to say this… it’s all started from us, the so called bangsa melayu, bangsa pengemudi bantera nusa (cheh!!!). got scene from indians and chinese meh? got… but not as bad as us kan? think about it… IT’S A MESS!!!

p/s: 2008’s poll was hoped to be a turning point for everything. but things became worst. let the one who KNOW how to run a country wins our vote. be it gay or no gay…

26 08 2008

I’m a bit embarrassed every time I come to your blog – it’s so slick as compared to mine! And you’ve already gotten quite a respectable “hits” number here – 3,800. I’m also amazed that you manage to write so much despite your work and all.

I’ve added your site (and also areo) to my RSS feed – have to do this to keep up with you. It’s in Opera, Firefox and also Thunderbird (my default e-mail, RSS and Usenet client). Have not added it (yet) to FeedDemon though:-)

I’m just wondering about this one: Is there an easy way to also RSS the comments here? Yes, I can click on the RSS button for “each post”. But it’ll be a bit tedious – I want to RSS ALL the comments, regardless of which post they’re in.

I’m SURE this one can be done with WordPress – Take a look at (She’s an assistant editor with The Star) At the top, she has two buttons for RSS – for posts AND comments. Does anyone here know how to put these two buttons at the top? I’d like to add them there too.

BTW, I’m looking carefully at your blog – design, management etc … I’ll be copying some things here for my own blog to make it better.

26 08 2008

Phew! You sure are one active and productive guy, being able to write so much in one day. I was surprised when I checked the RSS to your site; thinking “Ted has put in another post … What have I been doing with my day?” And there are a lot of hours still left … Asar pun dok lagi!

Yes, anyone can “write a lot … make a lot of posts”, but it’s the content that counts. And yours, Ted, has the quality … with such deep thoughts. You know, this is one of the reasons why I feel a bit embarrassed (like I mentioned above) coming here – it makes me feel like a fake, claiming to be a “freelance journalist/writer” (although I am one).

But here is the good thing about it – I am frequently being checked here … I have to look at myself more frequently; evaluate whether I’m being productive with my time. I have to be honest and think about it more often:

Am I just surfing around the Internet without any direction?

If I am, then I should immediately stop and use the time/Internet facility for work-related activities instead – things that will bring in money to support myself and my family.

OR, to use the precious time to write at my blog. It doesn’t bring in money, but I feel it’s important for MY LIFE – it’s a part of my wish to walk the road towards Recovery. Whether I actually “reach it” is not the main issue – it’s the WANTING and DOING that’s important … and being on the right road, going to towards the right destination

Writing something for my blog might not seem to be such a big thing; some people might feel. Actually, for me at least, it’s a BIG thing. Believe it or not, it’s difficult for me – I have to look inside myself. And I might not like what I see. Maybe that’s why I write a lot at other people’s blog, but not much at my own(?) Am I afraid to look inside myself??

26 08 2008

Oh, a couple of other things here:
1) There’s this song that I really like (I’m now listening to Suria FM after `knowing’ Engku Emran). Does anyone here know what the title is and the singer? Here are parts of the lyrics:

Cerita masa lalu
Cerita kau dan aku (?)
Aku cinta…
Aku cinta…

2) Thanks for putting my weblog on your blogroll!
I’d like to ask a favour: If it’s not too much, can you edit it to: cendana287 of Pusat Gambang?

Why? Because I hope to be able to contact some of the people whom I knew when I was there. Perhaps a few AADK (Agensi Anti Dadah) people too. There’s a likelihood that a few of them might stumble onto your blog. If they see the words “Cendana” and “Gambang”, they might click on it out of curiosity . And I might find a few long-lost friends!

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