Lawa lawa lawa

23 08 2008

Lawa sangat kain-kain yang I beli semalam. Oh yeah, my dad dah bagi modal to start off my so called business haha! Saja suka-suka.




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26 08 2008

Reminds me of my own businesses in the 1980’s when I was in my mid-20’s…

I had tried selling kain batek; plus a bit of `projek beras’ – smuggling from Mundok, and selling to individuals and a few sundry shops. Both went bust. But at least I had learnt some lessons, which I hope to share here.

Firstly, cash flow – in whatever business, big or small, this one decides whether you prosper or go down. And despite your stuff being `laku’, you will still go down if there’s cash flow problems!… what business people say “Jam”.

Yup, there’s no point at all in having all your stuff “sold” BUT the money (cash) isn’t in your hands. It’ll happen when people “hutang”. And then you discover that it’s difficult when they don’t pay as promised.

Oh, you’ll meet them, Ted – it’s unavoidable in any business. And it’s also difficult not to give on “bayar secara ansuran” either. With this one, it’s your call to make – I’m not advicing to either give or not to give credit.

But the principle is this one: If the purchase is in CASH, then go for it even if you make “less profit”. Just be careful not to be too eager to sell – the worst thing that you can do for yourself is: undercutting others with a much lower price AND bagi orang hutang. This is close to suicidal, Ted; believe me – I’ve been there.

Protect your capital, protect your stock

This is Lesson #1 in my “Business Kecil-Kecilan” series:-)

26 08 2008

I’ll remember that (“,)
Baru je jual bape pasang but I loved it.

1 09 2008



I was featured on “Rocky’s Bru” about two hours ago, and hits have gone through the roof! In just an hour, my 282 hits over three weeks had shot up to more than 250! Yours and Areps blogs might experience “some hits” too since both of you are also included in my “Interesting Malaysian” links.

I don’t know whether it’s a good or bad thing when I become the focus. There goes my wanting to remain “Anonymous”. And I don’t know how hurt I might feel when people leave negative remarks either at Rocky’s Bru at my blog.

Well, I can’t do anything now. I hope Allah will give to me “whatever is best for me”.

P/S: You appear to be right about your comment earlier that I had laughed at … the one about “my blog becoming big”.

1 09 2008

Oops! That should have been 550. Now, two hours later, it’s 780!! Imagine, from 282 over THREE WEEKS. It’s early morning now – wonder what it’ll be when “people wake up”??

I don’t think I’ll be able to sleep tonight, from all this nervousness. No, not “exhilarated”but really nervous about being the centre of attraction.

Oh, the post is at:

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