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21 08 2008

The stars must have been in alignment yesterday; it finally happened.

I dah mula rasa bosan yang amat di kampung ni. Bukan sebab kawan-kawan tapi sebab isu-isu keluarga yang macam-macam perangai! My sis is getting married and it seems thats what everybody is concentrating on. Last night, I went out and had a nice supper with Mimirinie, Apple, Mama and Su Allen. After some time, Sue and I decided to go to PCB and get some fresh air and have some air kelapa. Best gila!! Before that, my dad called me up tanya bila nak balik. What am I, 12? I know la I’m cute *perasan, but my parents are worried for no specific reasons lah! No, no reason at all.

That’s why I refused to work here in Kelantan, apart from no chance for sex, it seems that my parents are soooo not into the idea of me being an adult. Pelik kan? Some parents just want their kids being matured as soon as possible. Me, on the other hand were in an interesting conference, thus my goal has been thwarted.

Huh, perhaps this plot in blog could become my long-life effort to understand myself better. When I washed my car just now, I was thinking.. What the fuck am I doing now? I left a good job, a good house, a perfect house for that matter *kan Mimi?, a good boss, good friends (until I lost them) and few things are coming apart.. and I left all that for what?! For something that I frequently told myself that I can do this. I never motivated myself before because.. I know thats what my passion was.

Entahlah…Kalau I sambung my Masters dulu, dah dapat Masters dah now.. Entah-entah by now, I dah jadi sub-editor… Huahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! Rasa nak nangis pun ada ni!! Tapi nak buat macam mana… Hmmm I know I’m still young, but I wanna do things and achieve things.. I felt like, I havent achieved anything yet. Well, my niece and my sister has/will be getting married so I guess thats their ultimate goal in life.

My ultimate goals?


I want to have my own business – Business Batik!! Yeah!! That’s what I wanna do. You may think its a dull business but it does have a good prospect tau! Besides, I am not really into business to please certain people. I jenis cepat bosan. Kalau kedai Batik ni, kalau you suka, you beli… Kalau tak suka, sudah!!!!! Pergi kedai lain!! Senang kan? (Macam mana nak maju ni kalau pelanggan asek lari?!) hehe. OK OK, what I meant was, for me, it’s easier to handle.. and people have different needs so you never know what you gonna get (“,). Some of the people I know, memang dah maju in batik business.. and that kinda inspired me.. On weddings pulak, well… I think I am not really into is as much as batik.. I like lovely things but weddings ni bermusim la pulak kan?

Plus, everyone loves a pair or two of a nice Batik… I think its a very good prospect in every states.. I wanna do some business in Labuan later lah.. I just wanna do this and I know being in Labuan will give me that opportunity. And Su Allen promised to open few doors too. Thanks Sue, you are such a good friend! Adik-beradik sendiri pun tak baik macam tu! Menjatuhkan lagi ada lah! Ini first hand experience kan Sue? Shhhh………

The thing is, we’re taught to measure our life by things outside ourselves; we’re taught to rely on the externals – the things that come and go in our lives. We’re taught to measure a person by what they own or who they know. We are taught to follow our ego. We’re told that some people are beautiful and others are ugly – based on standards which are beyond the reach of 95% of the population. We’re told we’re too fat, too thin, too tall, too dark, too light or any number of other things. We’re taught that we are separate from all of creation and we begin to operate from a perspective of fear and scarcity, rather than one of love and abundance. That being said, I think there needs to be a line drawn between happiness/unhappiness and other natural human feelings, and only then we can be true to ourselves

Kalau ko rasa berbini/berlaki tu is the ultimate goal in your life, ahhh suka hati kaulah…. yang aku tahu, aku nak buat business, nak lalui up and dows in business dan nak kumpul duit banyak-banyak. Orang kata duit bukan segalanya… clearly you haven’t shop till you drop, bitches!!!!!

Ted Baker




2 responses

22 08 2008

part no chance for SEX tu i x leh terima…

itu sudah MELAMPAU..

my ultimate GOAL is SYURGA… so cam ner? any comment?

22 08 2008
Faisal Admar

wah jadi usahawan la lepas neh 🙂 hehe all the best… with ur batik

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