Suka suka suka!!!

19 08 2008

Much time I had now, I used it to the fullest. I dari kecik memang suka tengok Fauziah Nawi berlakon. Memang seronok satu macam!! Setiap lakonan dia, kalau sempat, memang I tengok. I know she lives at Taman Melati, KL and I lived at Melati Utama before for about a year, tapi tak pernah jumpa dekat-dekat dengan Ibu Fauziah. Kalau dapat jumpa, seronoklah!

Another celebrity that I am absolutely in love is Nur Fazura Sharifuddin. I think she is just amazing..!! She is soo lovely inside and out. Despite all of those rumours, court cases, up and downs in her life, she is really, a nice, humble person. She never do things she never intended to do.. Her main issues is people picking up on her and all of this while, she was just doing her best, acting.. and shopping. Payah kalau orang asyik dengki ni kan?!

These few days I had the chance to really sit down and watched TV and I love this new TV series called Bicara Cinta, and guess what?!.. Fauziah Nawi and Nur Fazura is in it!! Best gila!! In this series, Ibu Fauziah talked mostly in Kelantan dialect. It’s not all perfect, but it was 90% correct! Suka suka suka!!!!! Dialek dia best kan? Lenggok pun betul ni!!! Meletop!!

P/S – May I compliment ibu Fauziah on her English.. Superb!

“There is only so much you can do, but if somebody doesn’t give you a chance there is nothing you can do” – Charlize Theron, Golden Globe Awards

Pix credit to Klubbkidd.

Ted Baker




3 responses

19 08 2008

love monique.

19 08 2008

blog u pun best!! i nak letak link nanti ^_^

19 08 2008

salam ted…
huyooo lama x singgah sini…
banyak plak yg termiss
sori lah bz sgt2 lately…duk ranjau merata2 hehehe

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