19 08 2008

Haiyoh. Mana satu I Mimi?

What I am about to pen here is nothing about being supportive or against the suggestion that UiTM admission to be opened to non-bumiputra. Though I am a bumiputra having studied in UiTM once upon a time, and so does most of my friends.

I won’t comment this topic from  the political point of view as I am no politician nor  being patriotic as an ex-UiTM. Tak kuasa aku. Perangai pensyarah UiTM bukan elok pun! kalau pelajar perempuan, elok la melayan… Kalau lelaki, macam nak tak nak je lah.. Sieee….

Just so u know, I am only for “whatever is the best” for all Malaysian. With all this chaos to open the education of UiTM to non-bumi, unknown to many, 1% of the quota had already been opened to international students.So, it is quite shocking when the newspaper reported that the administration of UiTM will never let non-bumis or foreign students to enroll into UiTM as there ARE international students already.
And as the statement from the Selangor MB, he is just saying that he agreed with the suggestion. Nevertheless, he still has no power whatsoever on that matter… He is no one in Selangor, expect for being an MB. What things he said should never be reacted as if Khalid is scrutinizing your comfort zone. Khalid tu sapa? No one! Yang kau menggelabah kenapa!? Masa Karpal Singh/Lim Kit Siang kata macam-macam kat orang Melayu, kenapa kau tak berdemonstrasi bagai?! Baik kau pergi belajar lagi bagus, result korang tu belum tentu elok, sibuk nak berdemonstrasi la!! Hanjeng al bahlol!

Ted Baker




2 responses

19 08 2008

i concur 110%; bahlol..

u r not in da pic as u r too “small” and cannot fit in.

“1 % of the quota had already been opened to international students ”
Wow international = bumi kah???


25 08 2008


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