Saya suka update blog. Hari-hari saya update blog

18 08 2008

Mesti Mimi sentap kan sebab I selaluuuuuuuuuuu update blog.

Saya suka update blog. Hari-hari saya update blog konsepnya!! Anyway, my Ayah and I went to another kenduri today and thank god, this time, no one asked me on when will I be getting married. Nak je cakap, oh I will, when I am sure that pussy really tastes that nice (or was it?!).. No idea…No really sure.. Then we went home and Ayah went to another kenduri without me. Malas dah!! Huh.. Walaupun I tak nak bawak kerja ke rumah , especially balik kampung, I have to because there were too many things to do and too many papers to mark. I don’t mind marking, I’m just having issues reading their handwritings!! Buruk gila! Kas Mass once some tilik-tilik on my signature and she said I am an easy-going and simple person (iyoo lah sangat!!!).

Tonight I’m going to visit my dearest friend Kak As… haven’t seen her for quite some time and the last I heard is that she is not feeling very well.. Last week I was caught up with work and can’t find the time to really go and visits her. And oh oh, I miss Auni so very much!! Nak cium pipi gebu dia puas-puas!

P/S – Like Mimi said, I dah mula rasa bosan di kampung.. hehe… Nasib baik I’m gonna get some action tomorrow. Ada ke tak ada Su Allen?

Ted Baker




4 responses

18 08 2008

u go gurl…

18 08 2008
Faisal Admar

hehe update blog sgt best kan? hehe… ibook skrng brp rege ek?

19 08 2008

go go go…

19 08 2008

suka la kau kan.. hencap i

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