Rindu laaa nanti!

18 08 2008

You don’t know when you board that jumbo jet how long you will be gone. You know only that you have to go. You are perhaps running from something rather than to anything. You are motivated not just by a desire to change the scenery, but by an urge to transform yourself, by a belief that although you don’t like yourself much in New York, you will love yourself in Shanghai, Prague or Mexico City. There you will become the dashing, secure, desirable person you have never managed to become here. You go for broke. You cut your losses. You make a run for the border.

As much as I wanted to stay, I choose not to. I know that I may not be the best thing you ever had, but at least I have tried. Anything is possible. Thinking about the variables and possibilities makes my head spin. So there’s no choice but to take it one day at a time. Allah is the best of planners.

I’ve changed my details for posting to Labuan as my first choice. It’s not a spur of the moment decision. I have thought about it thoroughly. I think that it is the best choice that I ought to make. Plus, I’m not married or attached for that matter. Most of my friends were and they were wanting to be posted at their hometown. Not me. Arep was very keen of the idea of me leaving Semenanjung and some how, me too. The only reason I took the job in the first place was the wants for a new surrounding. Hell yeah I’ve gotten what I wished for, but of course I always believe that I am meant for something greater.

1. Starbucks Coffee
Is there Starbucks in Labuan/Sabah/Sarawak (I may be place at a rural areas, so I’m gonna miss it). I’m not looking forward to it seeing that I won’t be ordering coffee by mail and expect a package with spilled Frappuchino all over.

2. Cheesecake Factory
As much as cake food goes this really takes the cake. I love everything about that it… but the cheesecake. Some people must know I hate chocolate cakes. But they make delicious sandwiches and soup just makes you wanna have another order almost immediately!

3. Wi-Fi everywhere
Coming home with my iPod Touch will be kinda sad seeing that there are just 7-8-9 Wi-Fi hotspots in where I live now. Thank god for my broadband.

4. Beautiful Parks
Free Shakespeare, free tennis courts in parks. Everything around you is green and everyone are relaxing, lying down on freshly cut and bug killed grass reading or relaxing… You could pretty much have that in where I live minus the danger of finding a ladybug or mosquito in your head.

5. Free Tennis Courts
^ Says it all… So there are many tennis courts with a wall big enough for me to hit with seeing that my brother sucks at tennis the wall was always a difficult  opponent for me.

6. Borders
The huge 2-3 story book store can be dangerously addictive with so many books, CD’s, movies you can spend the entire day on there reading on a comfy chair or couch while sipping Starbucks coffee <33 I suppose in this point I can add missing English books and a wide choice of them! Walking in Borders tonight I started on reading Twilight and got so addicted that a staff member had to come and kick me out of the store personally. It’s gonna be my official hangout place until I leave I wanna enjoy the most of it!

7. Burritos, burgers, sushi and rich meals at fancy restaurants.
As unhealthy burgers at restaurants you occasionally wanna have one! Like me… Once a week. It’s not what you eat that makes you fat… It’s how much you eat of it. And it’s tasty. All American food is. I could name a few restaurants that already have my five star rating – Apple bees, Panera, Cheesecake Factory. I will so much miss sushi buffets.

8. Technology
A person like me always wants to know the latest!

9. Concerts, Events, Crazy College Parties
Let’s face it. Tiesto doesn’t come to KL every week or so for a gig and Roger Federer doesn’t play a tournament here I’m gonna miss all the events that happen here. Celebrities visiting, sport tournaments (tennis is particular). No other place like KL is gonna bring you so close to such high events (and technology as pointed above)
And gonna miss crazy college parties and dancing and drinking and such. ^^

10. Nice people
Saying “Thank You” so often… When somebody is holding the door for you, when you are exchanging change. The mood, niceness of people here. Being so open everywhere – in a convenient store, on the courts, on the streets.

P/S – Aku dok berangan nak g Labuan/Sabah/Sarawak, sekaliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii dapat posting di KL.. huh!!!!! Kecewa!!!

Ted Baker




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18 08 2008

pls tukar font yg x sekata itu…

*ini adalah arahan

18 08 2008

Thanks for coming over to my blog just now. Unlike yours, it’s very new, plus there aren’t many posts. One of the reasons is that I’ve been busy writing at others’ blogs. Or maybe it’s because I’m actually afraid to delve deep into myself(?)

Anyway, some of your remarks here strike a few notes in me. Like this one:
“Hell yeah I’ve gotten what I wished for, but of course I always believe that I am meant for something greater.”

I keep remembering my own period when I was a young adult like you, with my whole life lying ahead – “the brash optimism”, that’s what it’s called. No, nothing wrong with that, although some might call it “cocky”. I’d say it’s natural, especially with the ambitious.

In fact this is what that drives people. This is the attitude and thinking that Bill Gates & Steve Jobs had, for example – of feeling that they and Microsoft/Apple “were meant for something bigger”. And they worked for it; became phenomenal. For the majority of us, something `a bit less’ might do.

Go for it, young man!

Just keep to a few fundamentals and things will be okay. For one thing, keep clear from ALL the things forbidden by religion (most religions, in fact). And I’m saying this from “first-hand experience” … (if you’ve read the newspaper links at my blog, you’ll know).

I’ve had A PROMISING LIFE crushed for not keeping clear – drugs, in my case. Alcohol, gambling, womanising, getting into excessive debt will crush anyone too sooner or later. Doesn’t matter what religion, race or nationality one is – it’s universal.

Well, had better stop now – takut nanti demo naik fed-up pulak, kata “pokchik ni dok syarah” 🙂

18 08 2008

[This is a comment in reply to the one you wrote at my blog]

*My* blog will be a hit?…and SOON too?
Ted, you are among the most optimistic person I’ve known!:-)
No, there’s not much here yet … not enough compelling reasons for people to come and come again; to put it in their blogroll etc.

And it’s a good thing too, for right now I’m not too prepared to receive more than a couple of `riders’ (to borrow Engku Emran’s term) daily right now. I want to do things here like what the good people of Narcotics Anonymous recommend when it comes to rehabilitation and recovery- Go it slow and steady.

You know, I have to admit that I do feel pride when I read your comments here … to have these coming from someone like you – a young, upcoming, educated and well-read guy (your level of English, and the way you meander between different topics within the same post – if you had not put in “enough mileage” when it comes to reading, you wouldn’t be able to do that … unless maybe if English is your first language at home and in your country.)

There’s usually “the generation gap”. This is one of the advantages that I had inadvertently received when I spent 16 months in prison and pusat from Aug 05 to mid-Dec 06 – I had mixed with people from 21 to 62. More importantly, I *had learnt to listen more than to speak*.

I was fortunate not to have had the “superiority complex” when mixing with those a lot younger or/and less educated from day One. Older people, or those with higher education and `better’ jobs, or lifetime experiences. They tend to belittle and underestimate others. As such, they have the inclination “to teach” but not “to learn”.

One of the inmates whom I was close to was 21 at that time. He had been in jail THREE times already! We were to spend time in prison AND pusat together. There was something in him that I admired, because it was a quality I didn’t have – his mood was always balanced, with just small swings. Mine, however, was a roller-coaster. And I told him so – of how much “I wish I could be like him”.

Many good things came from this. Firstly, from that moment, I accepted that “I could learn something from those younger and less educated”. Secondly, I became more humble and gracious; willing to praise and compliment others instead of finding faults. Thirdly, he received self-confidence from my statement; and also accepted me as a friend (despite TWICE the age difference). Fourthly, he trusted me 100% and would spill his heart out; knowing that I’ll listen and not judge. Or to reveal his secrets to others. It also made me like a counsellor – I gradually gained the ability to “really listen” to others.

Your description of your office environment: Yes, it may not be prison or pusat, but always keep in mind that “people are always the same”. That “superiority complex” I mentioned above – see whether it applies to your office.

Talking about politics – It seems to be everywhere nowadays. I used to be a “taksub” and stubborn type once. But nowadays, I prefer to avoid talking of things that have the potential of creating bad feelings – no matter how “important” some people think they are.

“RELATIONSHIPS ARE THE MOST IMPORTANT – and NOT which candidate, political party or football team wins”. It covers every type … with family members, neighbours, friends, superiors, colleagues, other races and religions etc.

I’m now placing TOP PRIORITY in establishing and maintaining the above than anything else. The closer and more frequent, the more important the priority is. What use is `winning’ something when it comes with deterioration in relationships?

If you are a fanatical PKR supporter (or BN, doesn’t matter); and then Anwar Ibrahim does become PM, while BN is crushed. But then many others at the office are strong BN supporters. What exactly have you `won’? The pleasure of seeing your horse coming tops? Okay, but what about the bad feelings with those BN supporters at the office – people whom you see and interact with 8 hours a day, 5-6 times a week?

On the other hand, if relationships are good, it doesn’t really matter who wins. Even if PKR loses, you’ll still be happy and cheerful enough during those working hours. So in reality, you don’t lose anything.

24 08 2008
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