Nate bengong

17 08 2008

Macam lembu la perangai kau!

Panas betul hari penamaan calon di Permatang Pauh semalam. Masa I drive balik kampung semalam, jambatan yang I terpaksa lalu atas Institut Perguruan Tuanku Bainun memang jammed teruk! I was barely moving! I tak tahu bila masa geng ah long PKR tu mengamuk, tapi I rasa masa tu memang dah mengamuk dah kot. I was there at about 9.40 macam tu…

This reminds me on the incident on March 7th dulu, a day before our general election. Masa tu I, Su Allen dan Mimirinie was cruising in town. Being a pro-BN, I letak flags and stickers on my car.. I wasn’t planning to join any of those car parade of BN KB because my uncle was contesting in Gual Periok, not in Kota Bharu, so I wasn’t very keen to be promoting at that particular moment. Anyway, when we were cruising, we came upon a BN crowd in Pengkalan Chepa and decided to join their car parade until we decided to separate and we were literally stuck at a no u-turn roads.

Well, since there is no way back, we decided to go for it and as I was driving, the PKR/PAS supporters has clearly see my car with all those flags and what not and started to bashed us. I was terrified and we decided to remove all stickers and later, the BN flag in front of my car has also been removed. We were so scared as we are the only BN car in the crowd!

After some time, signs of us being the opposition party car has been demolished by them and they were cursing here and there ….and then everything went to normal. Masa tu I sedar yang kadang-kadang, kita kena berubah terutama untuk menyelematkan diri kita. I rasa itu pendekatan paling rasional. Mampus kau lah kalau kau fikir itu tindakan lalang ke apa ke. Kau nak mampus?!! jahanam kereta kau nanti, silap-silap kau kena belasah!

Bila I fikir balik, this shows that PKR must really learn how to control their supporters. Just a few weeks ago, their supporters were blamed and identified as responsible for the assault on a Guangming Daily photographer. Now at the Permatang Pauh nomination day, another photographer and this time from Berita Harian was again assaulted. What does some PKR supporters really have against photographers actually? The Guanming Daily photographer is a woman and she was kicked, choked and hit on the head. This is really troubling. If this is what PKR supporters are, then they bring with them a brand of culture that is quite alien to Malaysians.

Visiting a few of PKR blogs including Anwar Ibrahim’s, there was little to no coverage at all of what happened to the 2 press people that was assaulted by pro PKR supporters. Well, unless PKR is claiming that they were planted by the Government, I expected some notable mentions of how appalling the situation was. How is that different from the the demonstrations during the Bar Council forum? At least in that particular case, people were not kicked and punched at. What occured was also similar to what happened during the height of the pro-reformasi movement in 1998/9. I can’t exactly recall the exact date but I do recall a TV3 car was closed to be turned upside down even with the occupants still in the car.

Where are the upright people from Pakatan Rakyat? Why are they slow to condemn this barbaric act? I caught Anwar Ibrahim’s PC and what he said is that they will “investigate”. What is there to investigate? It happened in the clear daylight and was caught in camera. Isn’t that enough? Even if they fail to identify the culprits, can’t they just go on record and slam such behavior?

What I am pissed is really the double standards. If it was the Government, they would be very quick to respond but when it happened where the culprits were their own, they ask for proof even when the evidence was staring at them.

Bengong laaa pok pok tuh!

Ted Baker




4 responses

17 08 2008

Assalamualaikum, Ted.

I saw your link at Engku Emran’s blog and decided to see yours.
From this post and a couple on the same page, it might appear that you are:
1. a teacher 2. teaching in Penang or Kedah 3. from Kelantan 4. The uncle you mentioned here is Datuk Shaari Husin

Are these correct?

I’m sorry to hear about your frightening experience in Kota Bharu before the last General Elections. I try to imagine what it must have felt – I could to an extent, but that’s it. And it’s just limited to “imagination”; which may or may not be right.

This is one thing that I don’t like about some people – becoming bullying jerks and morons when in a group. This is certainly not limited to those PKR supporters alone, of course – you can see it replayed and relived throughout the world. At some football matches, for example.

I doubt whether most of this type would dare to do something like this if “the other side” is as strong. This type, when alone or outnumbered, would suddenly turn quiet, meek and obliging … instantly no more of the samseng, gedebe in them.

To me, what makes a real “hero”, “a big guy”, is not someone who goes around looking for fights and trouble. The real stuff is someone who, despite being stronger or in a better position, seeks to forgive, to be magnanimous, to be peaceful; despite knowing he can simply whack, humiliate or take advantage of the other.

But he chooses not to! … To “build” is a lot harder than to “destroy” ; to be “patient” is a lot harder than to “just unleash and lash out”. To be “tolerant” is also way more difficult than to be “narrow-minded and uncharitable”.

– Mart Anon aka Ahmad Anon(ymous), Pasir Mas.

18 08 2008

we should condemn such “nate bengong” no matter which party they are.
that was so “inhuman”

18 08 2008

maybe it is correct. (‘,)
do u happen to have a blog too? u should (“,)
thanks for reading!

18 08 2008
Faisal Admar

lol… they are monkeys! i hate wild monkeys anyway…

p/s: i’m neutral and hate politic… the comment goes to both party who act like one! whatever…

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