Why can’t Nurul Izzah be our Prime Minister?

15 08 2008

Why the heck not?

Nurul Izzah has suffered a lot over the years since her old man had undergone terrible ‘political torture of sorts’. She had proven her true mettle since her teenaged years to defend her father’s basic rights as a useful human being.

And despite all the hardships and struggles her family had to endure, Nurul Izzah has even successfully managed to overcome all obstacles to pursue her academic goals. In fact, she has done brilliantly to graduate with a Master’s degree from an American Ivy League university majoring in her forte, International Relations, no less.

For a young Malaysian who has shown true leadership qualities from a very young age, Lembah Pantai constituents and voters have no choice but to give Nurul Izzah the benefits of the doubt and present her with a DEBUT MAJORITY VICTORY! The Pakatan Rakyat coalition comprised of Islamic Party of Malaysia (PAS), the Democratic Action Party (DAP) and KeADILan currently hold 82 out of the 222 seats after the March 8 general election. Yes, as Che Det said, it is not even a majority, but please do not hide the fact that you too are impress of how well Pakatan did on the March 8 election.

So yes, why can’t Nurul Izzah Anwar be the next Prime Minister of Malaysia?

Well, I hate to hear my own answer. But yes.

I’m not a supporter of Pakatan Rakyat, but the condition of Malaysian politics now would require some effort to save this nation. Why? Simply because, in my opinion, Tun Mahathir has stepped down too early. He is still in good condition (health and people’s support) to lead the country when he left. Malaysia is having trouble finding replacement and people are not ready for a change in leadership.

Although I am skeptical about this it, but Pakatan (Anwar basically) has promised a few things to be implemented by the government that I think what Malaysia really needs right now- a reduction in fuel price, and a having minimum wage to help the poors cope with the high inflation rate.

Anwar keeps saying that a new government will be set up from now to September 16th 2008. Is this really going to happen or some kind of mythical impression that he is trying to make? Despite repeated questions from the press, Anwar also failed to specify the date for the change of government to take place apart from saying that it would be done according to the Constitution and provision of laws.

Ni yang I nak sangat tahu, bila dan bagaimana?! Jangan main cakap aje, where is the floor proof plan?

Photo credit – Nurul Izzah Site

Ted Baker




4 responses

15 08 2008

it’s all politics .. u never know

16 08 2008

politic’s world is so unpredictable…

16 08 2008

She’s one iron lady. Her dad on the other hand… I have no say

16 08 2008
Faisal Admar

i would agree with you.
why choose someone old… and would retire soon for our pm?

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