And the Geek Shall Inherit the Earth

13 08 2008

Okay, I don’t hate to work.  I just hate my job, which makes me hate to work.  But you shouldn’t hate to work.  Why?  Because some guy said “Work makes you free.”  Okay, bad and distasteful joke.  Anyway, I hate to work.

If I could turn back time, I would not do what I am doing now. Now that I couldn’t, I will bare with the consequences.I always know somewhere in the middle, there is a rahmat for everything that had happened. And i do know the fact that I am new but does everyone realizes that I am!!?? I have only been teaching for a bloody 3 weeks! And it feels like forever. I think all of the students have known me ( of course). That shows how mak tam they are (or how tangible I am). I don’t know. It does not feel right. Maybe because the only motivation I had was the money (boy, how materialistic am I).. But yeah, that’s a motivation for me because I am a highly maintenance person (Mimi would know). No, I’ve never been oversea but that does not mean I am easy to please.. Kan Mimi?

This irks everyone at some point, some are bothered more then others and some just cant handle the pressure they put on themselves due to the big word JEALOUSY. Kak Mass and Efa had some things going on now, that would really effects their motivation to work. Due to this, they will clear some things tomorrow. I will be happy to be a passersby hehe! Best jugak tengok orang kantoi dan disoal siasat ni kan?!

I get jealous but I deal with it in my own way, which is to forget about it.  I have always been a guys girl, the girl who has a couple great friends but more guy friends.  Not the person that fucks all the guys and calls them her friends, but that person that doesnt fuck all the guys and has their respect for that reason.  So in conclusion, is there a reason to be jealous?  If you trust your significant other 100%, then there is no reason to be jealous.  Final , no reason at all to be jealous.  If you can control your small amount of jealousy your “healthy” jealousy then let it be, but if it makes you a controlling bitch, well then you need to get a hold of yourself, simply becuase there is no reason for jealousy unless of course you have a reason…and thats a whole other story………..

Ted Baker




One response

16 08 2008

it’s been 3 weeks huh?? wow!! I pun rasa macam dah lama dah u ngajar… 🙂
just ignore all the JEALOUS people… they just wish to be JEALOUS at… 🙂 dengki la tu…

**susah jadi DIVA ni kan??? hahahha

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