9 08 2008

What the hell?

Ayu has made her choice. She made a choice of her life to get married and be happy. Her husband may be not as we expected but who are we to judge people? I can’t say that I agree completely of her choice (because I do judge firstly at looks, how typical), but I am being rational as well. It is not my life on the line. I has nothing to do with me and for that bitch to came in the way, I think its just rude. Plus with all the SMS, bitching and moaning.. God.. What the hell is that?! Doesn’t the B tragedy has taught you anything?! Don’t look low at people.. Didn’t you know karma is a bitch?. It can get you tough and rough. Kenapalah kau nak sebok-sebok hal orang? I will never understand this kinda attitude.

Mind your own business bitch!

Ted Baker




4 responses

9 08 2008

You always have a nice picture accompany your post. Nice2..

9 08 2008
Faisal Admar

i think you should work in fashion field as i could see they use this word often haha!
i don’t like to be nosy 😉

10 08 2008



11 08 2008

people made choices… and sometimes…(er er always) a bad one!!!

they say… experiences made us wiser… and wise enough to make good choices at times…

ajal, maut, jodoh dan pertemuan… di tangan Tuhan… 🙂 winkwink

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