Making it to the top: Zang Toi way

7 08 2008

Fruit Punch & West 57th Ice Lemon Tea at West 57th, Pavilion Kuala Lumpur.

Today was not just one of those days. I hit the ground running when I woke up. I got a good 7 hours but because of the lateness of my bedtime, it felt like a lot less. Restless sleep is no sleep at all.

These past few days was really a mess. My lesson plan has been criticised tremendously, some students do mess with me (no idea why should I be bothered by it in the first place), but other than that, everything was great. And I did a well paced lesson today, Alhamdullillah! Finally!! Fuhhhh!!

Sometimes it’s just so frustrating, but of course its the same with other people too, and jobs too. I tried not to let it get me down, but it did affect my mood a bit. I even tried to nap around 4pm but my mind was racing so much with everything I had to do I just had to get up and do some of it.

Call me crazy, but something was lacking for me this season. I couldn’t put my finger on it and I still can’t. Maybe it’s because things seem less carefree. Last year was all about hanging out. The park, someone’s house, playing cards, eating…This year I think is one that carried great change. Big life changes for everyone that I know. Man, I even have one. I’ve become a journalist and I leave all that because my mum wanted me to be a teacher (and goverment servant of course).

I’m still trying to get used to the idea… Maybe it’s because I haven’t looked like myself. I love fashion, clothes, new and up to date clothes and for some people, I look awkward. But I looked today and there I was staring back at me. I think it’s cuz my hair finally grew back. But really…There’s a sense of settling yet moving. It’s strange, yet not frantic. Maybe it’s called aging, maturity, something.

Kak Tim asked me today if I would leave this profession. I said, hell yeah I would, I’m doing my Masters next year and in 2 years, Insya-Allah I wanted to be a lecturer. In the mean time (and I am bound to gov for 2 years), I’ll stick to be a teacher. And at the mean time too, I’ll be focusing on establishing my novels and designs. It’s lot to digest huh? But it’s okay. I can still celebrate the breadth of life.

Oh one more thing, do u happen to realize that currently, everyone wants to be a designer? (myself included) – which is one reason that there are so few real ones out there, I suppose. Everyone keeps sponsoring garments to artist/celebrities, but the real thing is, he/she/them (designer/s) literally scrapping for money just to buy the materials.. Biar kayap, janji dapat sponsor artis ternama. Padahal kau harapkan duit baju kurung yang customer tempah kat kau/korang untuk hidup. I’m sorry, maybe I’m wrong and maybe that is the process that you have to face before making it to the top.

But, the thing is, I don’t remember reading/hearing Zang Toi scrapping for money from making baju kurung… He made it to the top by working with top designers. He apprenticed with Mary Jane Marcasiano and Ronaldus Shamask. Maybe it’s an injustice for me as Zang Toi was in New York before, but do know that he is there, alone with no one at help. And you have everything/one you need here in Malaysia. Personally, I don’t think sponsoring does a designer any justice.

Hmm… Just wondering how much potential does one have to make it to the top. Some people have the skill but no marketing wonders wutsoever. It makes me sad.

Ted Baker




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11 08 2008

i love Zang Toi’s!!!

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