1 08 2008

I did my retail therapy today and I realize that my spending power has gone less!

Gila!!! I dah terpaksa guna konsep kos lepas! Esprit Traveller Bag or Tommy Hilfiger Perfume? Esok ada trip ke pulau mana penting? Beg ke perfume? Heiress pun tak habis lagi, so? Em… The bag…. Can someone toppled our government ASAP?

When it comes to the externals in life – those things outside of yourself – there are some things that you can change, and some things that you cannot change.

What can you change?

  1. Your future health. You can make a plan to build a healthier you by committing to small lifestyle changes every day.
  2. The relationships in your life. You have the option to sever the toxic relationships in your life and nourish the loving relationships. What you spend energy on will grow in your life.
  3. Your underwear. And I hope you do, from time to time.
  4. Etc., etc., etc.

What can’t you change?

  1. The weather. Except for a few very advanced yogis out there. -)
  2. Other people’s attitudes and behavior. Though many of us spend a lot of energy and time trying to change other people, change is something that occurs on the inside. That energy is probably better spent elsewhere.
  3. The situations in your life today. You can make a plan to create a different tomorrow, but there are some situations, obligations and responsibilities that must be dealt with today.
  4. Etc., etc., etc.

So, what about these unchangeable externals? What if the weather is really, really shitty, or someone is being a jerk to you, or, though you’re job searching, you hate your current job? What then?

Though you may be unable to change these externals, you can change the way you look at them. That’s the key.

Change your perspective on the weather – learn to embrace the rain, the cold or the heat. If someone is being a jerk, recognize them as a teacher in your life. In your mind, thank them for showing you that even when someone else is angry, you have the choice to remain at peace. If your job sucks, look for the parts of your job that are meaningful: the human interactions, coworkers or your contributions to society.

Whatever those externals may be, there is an opportunity for you to look at them differently. And when you do look at those externals differently, a remarkable thing happens: the negativity suddenly melts away. Like butter on warm mashed potatoes.

What is one thing that you will look at differently today? Leave your response in the comments.

Ted Baker




4 responses

1 08 2008

the bills that i received today and all the unnecessary expenditures yesterday

1 08 2008

enjoy ur weekend TED!!

2 08 2008
Faisal Admar

i should take care of my health like drinking a lot of fluids few days ago so that i don’t have to suffer mouth ulcer today!

3 08 2008

hmm…. nice post!!! 🙂

it’s life… so we can’t change the unchangeable… 🙂 but, perhaps we can do something about it to maintain normal healthy lifestyle…

I hate to choose over something that I really need… or not need… even as simple as a traveler bag or perfume… so, sometimes I had to suffer my stomach… just for my needs… 🙂 bad me… it’s a girl thing!!! we satisfy needs and for sure… our life full of satisfaction… 🙂

one thing that I will look differently today… hmm… my spending power is limited and it has been a long time since I went shopping… huhuhuhu 😦

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