It feels like Monday

28 07 2008

It’s 3.16pm and after a hard day work, I am pleasuring myself with a nice chocolate ice blended and sweetly delicious strawberry doughnuts from Starbucks.

Oh dear friends, I really wish I can mock, bitch and moan about how disastrous my students were, but at this point, the best thing I can do is to accept the fact that I AM stuck with them, whether I like it or not. Come to think of it, as wrong as this may goes, I don’t really care as long as I got those paycheques. I like to think that everything happens for a reason, even if I don’t understand what the reasoning is. Seriously dude, if they do not wish to learn anything from me, why on hell should I bother draining my brain for them? Useless. Baik tengok wayang.

My class with A4 today was OK, we had some serious discussion on dam (the lake, not the main judi lah!!) and it’s good to have that intellectual conversations with them. I set up 4 groups in the class and they will be doing an English scrap book competition. The best creative book will stand a chance for a romantic dinner (iyoo lah!) with me and I’m gonna treat them for a movie, saja amek hati budak-budak tak salahkan? Bukan main riuh depa bertepuk. However, when I first delegate their groups, of course some of them were reluctant to accept that they had to be in group with si polan, si polan. Me being as sarcastic as I am, prefusely stand by my decision, saying that, you cannot have everything you want! I am your teacher, I am not your mother. You wants stuff within your will, get if from your mum. The only thing you gonna get from me is the reality and the reality is, it’s a harsh, harsh world outside. When you go to your university education (which I’m sure they will), you will again not been given any chance, in everything. The syllabus are fixed, the college are fixed (unless you nak sewa luar that’s ur damn problem), your classes are fixed, and supriseeeee… there is no such thing as a CHOICE. So don’t beg me for choices because I’m not giving you any. I MYSELF don’t have any choice when i did my degree, what makes you think you’re any special?

I never thought of myself as a control “freak”, but I am starting to notice I have unpleasant tendencies. And for what’s it worth, I ought to concentrate on my upper class students because at least, I know, they actually give that feedback that I want and yes, it was a nice feeling to be able to talk to them, share things you’ve been through and fluidly teach them that the world are not bed of roses. It has it thorns and sometimes it scratch you hard. It may look bounty beautiful but you never know honey.

Evidently, IF there’s a scratch, then know that it’s just a scratch. You’ll live. (“,)

Carrie Bradshaw




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