Love and Label in New York!

27 07 2008

Carried away..

It’s been four years since Sex and the City, the six-season-long HBO series, ended. High time for a movie reunion, right? Look closely. Is it me or did Sarah Jessica Parker just finish stepping in a huge puddle of what Fletch would refer to as “gook”? How New York of you, poster.

Here’s how the movie story goes….

Carrie, Miranda, Samantha and Charlotte met as single twentysomethings nearly two decades before the film starts, when they all came to New York City in pursuit of—as Carrie puts it—”love and labels.” After years of revolving-door relationships, idealistic Charlotte and workaholic Miranda are married. (Not to each other, mind you, though you’d be forgiven for wondering since the series and the film both give screen time to homosexual relationships.) High-powered publicist Samantha would rather contract cholera than get hitched, so she’s trying her hand at a long-term live-in relationship with Smith, who is both client and lover. Carrie is still with Mr. Big, the same guy she’s been dating—and breaking up with—for a decade.

Since it’s Carrie who’s the center of the story, I’ll add this bit of detail: As fall descends on New York City, Carrie and her “manfriend” are apartment shopping. And though they plan to move in together, they’re not even talking about marriage, at least at first. But a financial security concern eventually prompts Carrie to broach the topic. And Big is surprisingly game.

In a world where fortune and fashion rule, the wedding plans immediately spin out of control, though. And given her rocky history with Big, Carrie worries that he won’t actually make it all the way to the altar.

I always love these series as Sex and the City are premier showcases on friendships of women. While drinking, gossiping and carousing are less-than-laudable aspects of these relationships, some positive attributes take center stage as well. Oh, nothing gets better then that. I just love how Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda and Samantha are devoted to each other through thick and thin. You don’t find that a lot these day.

They’ll fly cross-country to help out a sister in need. They rejoice in one another’s victories and mourn one another’s sorrows. And from time to time they even work up the nerve to do some needful confronting.


Carrie oh Carrie! Sorry Teddy but I really need to go back to Carrie. I need to go back into writing.. Love.. Sex.. City…

Carrie Bradshaw




4 responses

27 07 2008

yeayyy anither review from another friends!!i looiikkee!!

27 07 2008

again… you’re movie spoiler!!! nvm… i’ll catch it next wednesday… 🙂

p/s: it’s been 4 years mehh??? wahh!! cepatnyer… rasa mcm baru bulan lepas abis tgk sex n the city dvd…

28 07 2008

i dah tengok when i was in London a couple of months ago. Sigh…

28 07 2008

it’s been sometime since the premiering of SATC and people are still talking about it. the good thing is, we know that the always 20-ish carrie is finally wed her beloved sayang. but the bad thing is, (i probably not saying this but i can’t help it) the mandi scene of samantha’s hot jiran is tooooooooo short! make it last longer. or better still, make a full movie out of it. i’m sure the pink society will approved. hahahahaha

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