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26 07 2008

I’ve been reading few stuff on teaching and I wonder if this was made easy- and natural-feeling for me because this is what I psychologically need in order to get the work done, at the moment.  Or if it’s only because this stuff is getting easier and more natural as I practice it.  Either way, it was interesting that it felt so… natural.  Like breathing, in a way.

I guess I’m wondering if we can still use the traditional benchmarks to evaluate good teaching. It seems to me that the best teachers have their own unique standard; one which no one else can be compared to. After all, becoming your own brand of teacher is a long process. It requires years of personal reflection and criticism. Maybe this kind of process is not possible in today’s society where instant gratification reigns supreme. But I would like to think (and, really, I know it to be true) that the next wave of greatness is out there. We just need time to find ourselves.

Is it the entry scores or something as simple as pay scales and basic working conditions that are turning students off teaching as a career? When the proposition of differentiated pay for “better” teachers was put up, the question that arose was, would the collegiality of the profession suffer and would this lead to a differentiated experience of education for students in poor areas?

Teachers are getting burnt out, worn down, and generally overwhelmed by the constantly increasing weight of expectations from governments, parents and society. Simplistic solutions will not change the basic lack of respect that society gives teachers. If we truly valued education and the high levels of responsibility that these caring professionals carry on behalf of society as a whole, then remuneration and working conditions need to improve.

Carrie Bradshaw




2 responses

26 07 2008
Faisal Admar

I guess we Malaysian have different perspective than before… the old time.
Teacher now is better than before and they got better qualification too.
Not to mention their salary!

So, I guess everything seem to be different than last time… for sure.

27 07 2008

I believe… “With great power comes great responsibility”-Spiderman

We can’t change the perceptions from the society on how they ‘see’ teachers nowadays…

but, the expectations from parents … still high on teachers… back then and nowadays… 🙂

Happy teaching!!!

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