How was your day?

26 07 2008

Zach Zach Zach.

How was your day? Today was my busy, busy day. Basuh baju, kemas rumah, lepak dengan Janice and Adam’s godfather and then went for a nice lunch. Arghh I wanna watch Sex And The City sooOOOoo bad!!! What’s stopping me? The weekend in my nearby mall was just too hectic. That’s the only reason. Maybe I’ll go after work. Maklumlah I habes kerja pukul 2. Awal kan? I can go to the gym too, but I refused to go on the weekends. It’s just way too hectic, and I like to take things on pace you know.. Yes, I’m that kind of person. Maybe it’s not my best forte, but I’m not complaining. What’s wrong with you?!

I’m finally placing myself perfectly in this house. It’s not mine but I’ll get the hang of it. I love my room. I miss the fun of moving house! Unpacking things and all that. I so have to get my own crib soon, Ibu seems happy with the idea, she might throw some extra cash for the deposit. Boleh kan bu? Mey 2009, yeah, that should be it.

Speaking of my job, I am aware of the things I hadi to cover in these 3 months period and I think I had to step up the game with 4A and get down with 2K, sometimes you just had to go their way.

Vocabulary, Grammer, Literature, Comprehension Writing, Essay.

I’m thinking of doing a scrapbook with 4A, meaning I want them to cut and paste any English stuff, from magz to newpaper, anything on English and compile it in a scrap-magazine type of book. More of like Glam Magz, but educational.

It’s going to be hard with 2K but I need to focus on these as the acceptance of the principle that there is an art or at least a craft of teaching is a condition precedent to any attempt to make teaching a profession in reality as well as in name. I know the result would be non-promising but I cannot let them get over me. There must be some rules and I had to involve Mr Ramesh in this. Ok, I won’t really drag them to Mr Ramesh, I dont feel like doing so, it’s just that, maybe the best thing they can offer me is SILENT. I’ll xerox their exercise and I’ll write on the board, as long as they did something and shut the fuck up during my period. They can do their monkey style attitude in another period.

Is that so much to ask?!

Carrie Bradshaw




4 responses

26 07 2008

Glamrowk. I dah pindah

27 07 2008

ko orang penang kaa??

27 07 2008

tak lah.. study je kat usm dulu (“,)

27 07 2008

i finish work at 2pm as well… but I start at 5am… huhuhu

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