25 07 2008


Get off from work, belum apa-apa I tak tahan, terus tidur. Beauty sleep. Then I woke up, tengok TV. Dah  kenapa pulak iklan Robot Reka Tora ni ada lagi kat TV1?! Dah bertahunlah kan iklan tu!!! I felt old. 27 tua ek? I miss having Astro and the ability to choose what I want to watch. Randomly. Sometimes you will just be sitting around, and out of nowhere a thought will hit you, most of the time for me, a memory. And it just hurts. A soon-to-be project would be a nice transation since I’m not doing anything after October.

It’s nothing personal. I miss my parents, it’s just that, January is a long way to go and well, I am one of those freak in local issues, computer technology, surviving techniques and other weird stuff. OK I miss journalism, leave me alone! Sometimes it really freaks me out: I’m a cold-blooded and coffee-stoned computer/internet addict who loves writing, gossip and anything related to media studies.

Speaking of which, today is my school’s Hari Kecemerlangan Pelajar (camne nak translate ni?). It’s odd to see things you did 10, 15 years ago. Some things never change.Contrary to what some of my friends say… I find that to end this one, a little manifesto to remind some things not to get broken. You cannot please everyone. A scholar one said, that there is no key to success, but a key to failure is trying to please everyone else. As a teacher, students look up for you but there must be boundaries. Be very careful as it will eventually break, fall apart and rest in pieces if they don’t fix it someday. Another great acknowledgement: The lifetime of everything is passing by. Sweet. Still, this whole thing does have some irony within it.  I am glad the school does not practice nepotism, cronism (that I know of) and no such thing as clique between staffs.

The height that great men reach was not attain by sudden flight but they whiles their competers slept toiled upwards and downwards. Have I told you that my guidance teacher is soo nice, as I said before, she is so adorable, I’ll buy her something soon, maybe some nice Kebaya attire. She told me that one cannot achieve all the things in life overnight, you need to put in more effort and work harder towards your achievements. Life is not an easy thing. She is too brilliant to be true.

I’m sorry this was so long, I didn’t mean for it to be. But, as I said, I have a tendency to ramble. Sorry.


If you are stupid enough to read my posts you are no up to do any of these things, trust me. Sorry fellows, I nevertheless like you.

P/S – My besfriend, Juey has been admitted to the hospital! told you kena jmpa doktor! Degil!




3 responses

25 07 2008

27 mane de tua… (speaking of my own) 37 baru tua!!!

it’s hard to please everyone… don’t try… 🙂 just go with the flow dear… :))

26 07 2008

27 belum tua lagik….still young and kicking! heh

p/s: thanx jenguk teratak hamba…biasa je…
p/s/s: hv a nice weekend dude!

26 07 2008
Faisal Admar

I hope your bestfriend will get well soon.

Are you sure there is no cronyism in school? Hmm, I doubt.

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