22 07 2008

Awwww you guys are so sweet! Thanks for all the wishes and stuff.. I just moved in my new crib today after  a very jammed highway up to reach my place. Before departing, I had a lovely dinner with my besfriend Juey and Aan, joined later by my fellow classmates, Joe, Uvang to name a few. We had a blast sharing stories of our 2nd day of practicum. We had different approach on things but we share the same thoughts. Damn! It’s not easy to comprehend ‘monkey’ situations, especially if the ‘monkey’ looks like a human. Makes me thing, I should’ve taken Pendidikan Khas instead of English. Hehe. Ahhh, it’s been and done. I’ll just go with it.

I gave some motivated speech to Uvang (macam laa aku bagus sgt kan!!) because he is having difficulties being.. lenient aka bermuka garang in front of his students. I told him not to think too much and teach those who keen to learn. Lain-lain tu yang memang tak nak belajar tu, lantak kau lah! Boleh ke gitu? Hehe.

Seriously, stop wasting your time when the chances are thin. You can still do it, but concentrate on important things. No matter how hard you tried, some thing are not easily mended. I have lots of things to learn.. Hmmm…But of course that’s a loooonnnggg way to go. Long long long way. For now…we’re all still kids… (I wish)

Ted Baker




2 responses

23 07 2008

monkey katanya.. sentap

23 07 2008

hahahha ted… such a motivate words of wisdom… 🙂
just do it… (ala2 nike gituhhh…)

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