Make it up

19 07 2008

Colored face!

I went out for a jog, as usual and on the way back I came up with an advert on the students notice board.. Apparently some bitch are doing make up for guess how much, RM10. OK. WTF was that? What sort of make-up technique or color would you paint on someones face with that amount of payment? What a wacko that bitch could be.

That bitch better do a worth the payment job, or she will get her ass whipped, or worse her face swollen due to relentless punching. The things we do for money huh? .

Ted Baker




3 responses

19 07 2008
zhoe wynz

hai.. thanks for visiting my site.. u’r an educator ya? anyway, good site with ur original way of expressions.. nice 🙂

19 07 2008
Faisal Admar

Lol. Can they change your cute face to Beyonce with their make up? 😛

20 07 2008

rm10 mehh??? very cheap!! 🙂 winkwink… but i don’t think standard cam MAC kan??? MAC makeover rm250… can claim beli barang for rm200… so orang tu make-up kan rm50 je kan??

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