18 07 2008

Bam! Bam!

I woke up at a little after 10.30 this morning from a nice sleep. It was perfect, except for the keropok lekor aroma, and the fact that actually I am in no mood to watch Dark Knight last night (hey that rhymes). I’m just so lazy to socialise these days. When I look at my blog stats, I’m running scared. Who the fuck reads my crappy blog? Though I find it relentless good but, yeah just wondering. Back to basics, how do you survive in this huge insanely difficult world of teachers? You begin by taking a deep calm breath, focus on the problem, poised in a power position and let the thinking start cranking. Sure. Take two pills of aspirins when the headache starts to kick in. Then…when you’ve thought well and smart, you take action. Oh no, no pills will be running down my throat. I believe in retail therapy, the conventional ways. New clothes everyweek,new shoes, stripe pants, long shirt and skinny tie.. No more mr-stylo-jeans as for now.

My roommate woke up very early today as he needs to be reporting to his school. Spoke to him just now and he said he will be teaching Moral Values, 10 period, instead of the normal 8, like me. And while my initial reaction was “Whaaaattt??” mingled with shock and awe, I’ve warmed up to the idea that he, with other fellow ICT colleague has an equal chance to be teaching subjects out of their fields. Key-On will be teaching English Literature and Maths. However she chooses to teach Maths and her school does need more teachers. PakTam will be teaching ICT throughout his practicum and a teacher mistaken him for a salesperson (kahkahkahkahkah!). Yati, Fiza I’m not real sure but Pattaya will be teaching Literature of Form 4.

Now contrary to popular belief, I AM all for the notion of being the best in what I do. I did it in KKSB and Bernama, so it’s the same case here. It seems strangely odd though that there appears to be nothing else to do after our teaching period, but who knows? I haven’t met with all of the teachers yet, something I look forward too. Not expecting for them to fancy me, just showing my gratitude.

I think it’s funny how we curse and swear when we were younger and now, we would have our students to curse and swear, almost everyday to us. Friends who already know how crappy I am. And lame. And is it me or is there an emo-nemo bug going around? Cos now I’m catching it. I know there’s a love bug going on now, seeing so many of my friends hooking up already. Even my niece are getting married next week. Hehe…but then where does that leave me then?  You have an obligation to entertain the Queen now and then. Fwahaha. Come to think of it, I don’t fucking care. I have few rubber estates and doors of rented houses under my belt, so what am I complaining about? I’m nice to my parents, I do go back once in a while and I don’t talk bitch about my siblings to my parents, I just don’t fucking care. I think these retarded freaks are warned of my existence because they fucking know I own stuff, more than them. I may not have the liquidity but I have the assets. Ah, lantaklah.

The rest is just a gamble.

Some people can’t take care of themselves.

I can.

Ted Baker




3 responses

18 07 2008

i like the last para. it’s so damn u. ramai yg tak tau ko tu mem besar kat KB kannnn….

18 07 2008

bro, im (just) starting to like ur blog, will visit it regularly.. 🙂 cheers!

18 07 2008

ahahah… circle of life dude…
if you don’t want people to curse you… you should not starts in the first place! LOL 🙂

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