17 07 2008

Use that Petronas money to buy you a clue, Shabery

I do not wish to watch the Anwar-Shabery debate as I predict it would be stupid, lies based on personal attack, less composure and filled with dirty accusations. However, I watched it anyway on Youtube. My ayah seems to like the debate. My KB watched it, so does few other friends but obviously of course it tends to be true. Obviously Anwar won the audience in a smart way and chewed up Shabery alive (or Shabery may too eat Anway alive with his mouth bubble scene………. Ewwwwww!!!). Shabery was literally foaming you guys!! (though it’s probably due to lack of hydration).

Come to think of is, the whole plot seems to look like personal attacks rather than a debate. I was hoping Anwar would slaughter Shabery and had expected it to be so. but base on what i saw yesterday, I don’t think it was a slaughter. Kinda 60-40 for Anwar. Maybe Anwar was worried to the fact that they are polices out there just waiting for a command to throw him into the back of their armed vehicle. I would understand if Anwar would be nervous.

I think this whole debate was a good turnover for Anwar whilst it makes Shabery looks rather stupid. Supposed to talk about oil, he talked about Dildo instead. If you talk about nut, goo or soil at least got some relationship lah … And this Prof. Cheeky is the best the UMNO can produce? God bless Malaysia.

Looks like the UMNO/BN are far from ready to engage in any proper debate. May I suggest you guys use ‘commenting’ system such as the one avail on my crappy blog to do it (with no restriction on time lapse) instead, you might save your face. Asshole.

Ted Baker




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17 07 2008
the seal

Any way the debate was good to watch. Iam not so keen in politic, but the present condition pressures us and it seems to be “A GOOD TO KNOW” why. But the more we know, the more we are upset everyday to the present ruling system. A man like dts anwar was too smart for the information minister who went out off topic sometimes. The issue about oil and the drastic hike up price is good to be on the debate. There is no way for dt shabery to explain more than a thousand times that it is a GLOBAL PROBLEM. Being that huge problem is for the goverment to fix and they know what should be done. Dtk shabery should not be there for the debate. The right person should be the PM, the deputy and the finance minister. Dtk.shabery was never a finance minister and he can never be better than dts anwar who was one time a deputy PM and a finance minister for 8(eight years) Dt.shabery was reading most from his prepared text which even an illertate person like me can do. What dts anwar said was all the points and make sense. Today’s world is the era of knowledges and wisdoms so the one who explained the so call fact on the wrong path was being watched like dirts. I would to advise again that dt shabery should’nt be there again. Malaysia boleh…boleh apa? Funny..malaysia always place a wrong man on a wrong field. Lately they sent a monkey into space, now they are going to send another baboon!! haaaaiiyaaa…!!

17 07 2008

Absolutely agree though SMS has been out of the limelight recently, I still think that its just crap. They should have use the allocations to.. well, subsidized, that what you should do, the price of oil must’ve been expected, it doesnt happen overnight you know… Plus, towards the end of the debate, Ahmad Shabery repeated his argument that Anwar was still a rabble rouser and that during Anwar’s time in the government blah blah blah … What an idiot. Debate on oil lah!!!!

17 07 2008

i concur.

the foaming part is ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.

btw. the bottomline is..

18 07 2008

I’m totally agreed about the bubble saliva… yucks2!!

About the debate… DSAI stick to his point throughout the debate and very professionals… about forming the government?? I don’t think so… he can always gives his brilliant ideas without be in the government as well… kalau dia ikhlas la kan???

DSAC…. along with bubble saliva… he didn’t much explain about how they got the 41% of hikes and he not maintained the professionalism by alleged into personal attack towards DSAI…

But, the debate was fun to watch… even though from Youtube… 🙂

p/s: luckily I watch it over Youtube… if not… the bubble bash saliva would be too much to handle… 🙂 LOL

19 07 2008
Faisal Admar

Lol. For me Anwar did slaughter Shabery and bloody Nordin! Shame for UUM to have a professor who claim himself a professor after has no idea what is IPP?

Nordin had a case with RPK before too… if you follow RPK’s history. Regarding copying article without permission. How unethical? You decide.

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