Good morning, sir

16 07 2008

Good luck bitches.

So… Somehow I am still alive and in one piece after a totally new experience on my first day of practicum. Ok, it was not really my first day as I will only officially commenced on July 21st, but I’m glad that I went earlier to meet the PK and my supervisor, Mdm SJC which turns out to be a very, very sweet and loving person. So sweet we wanna kiss her! My PK cum Principal, Dr A explained how the education system’s at the school operated and even kind enough to warn us of the possibilities we might encounter as the T&L took place. Yikes! We might have a rumble here. We all have fond memories of our days as an undergraduate, or at least we should. Academic life was one of the best times of my life. I may not be as smart as Mimi, but I did pretty good I guess.

Anyway, since the new year started, the school are having difficulties in positioning teachers of various subjects, especially English and ICT. Suprised! I found myself appointed as the acting teacher for 2 English class of Form 4 and Form 2. Not being a bitch but, those 7 month preparation set up by my sponsors are considered as… a full basket of hot juicy shit! Do I use statistics to teach English? No. Am I teaching Malaysian Law to my students? No. Am i being appointed to teach Pengajian Am? NO. So why are you burdening me with those uncessacary subjects??? I am one of the firm belief that it is important to embrace what you do but those unnecessary months has been killing me!!!! Gosh…

And now, what do I have in my files? Oh, let me see, Madam SJC gave me an English Class timetable. What else, well, she gave me a KBSM English Textbook… Uwwwwwww.. Wait, wait, there’s more.. She gave me Malaysian English Syllabus Guidebook.. Wow… What else… Oh Oh she gave books on poem and lesson plans to be followed….  Owhhhhh.. Everything on ENGLISH… How relevant.

You may think I complaint to much but do you know that she doesn’t have to do all that?. She is not being paid for all that. She doesn’t have to do that for me, but the point that she did, I owe her one now. And I felt lucky to be under her guidance. I don’t know about you, but if you decide not to go for a introduction to your school , to that, I can understand the frustration but people makes choices. You just did yours.

But listen, this is not a vacation. This is a period of evaluation. You will be evaluated by the teachers and students and these students can be mean. They can be mean and wicked to you. You won’t be given a top rank class all they way through (if you are, then you are a lucky asshole), but then again it doesn’t promise you anything. I followed a teacher whom I will be replacing next week and I, with my very own eyes, watched how wretched students can be.

They don’t respect the teacher at all. They were talking, making noises, walking constantly inside and outside the classrooms with any fear of a so called teacher which happens to be teaching in front of them. So, you tell me, how are you going to handle that? I just think that it’s about personality and how you bring yourself to the crowd. How likeable you are to their eyes.If parents are told “our school is safer than other schools”, where’s the data that supports that vague reassurance?

I would suggest you to leave your bad attitude, perangai membodek, perangai perasan bagus dan lawa, perangai pukimak tu, at the entrance of your selected school, coz it will not help you believe me when I say so. Oh ya, aku ada cakap tak yang cikgu aku bakal ganti tu dah hilang suara sebab menjerit kuat sangat? Uhuhhh….

Hell, I don’t think that anyone can say that they haven’t been the bitch or ass hole at least once in their life,but their attitudes are just… I don’t know, I’m just shocked. We’ve all had our hearts broken. We’ve all broken hearts (believe it or not, we all have the capability of hurting someone). Essentially we are all damaged goods. Quality control in life does not check for cracks or fragility and we must always be ready, ready to be fierce, but in a good way.

However if you wanted to do a comparison, I didn’t do bad at all today. I’ve talked to them and they are surprisingly are really nice. They just need some space, I guess and people yelling would not help at all. The nature of school has always been necessitated the creation and maintenance of a system of academic and non-academic opportunities for the student’s growth, maybe we did not approach the students to their level. Dr A has warned me to always keep my distance to students and never get emotional with them, and of course I will abide the rules. To tell you the truth, I will never set my hopes up high because anything can happen. I just wish myself the best of luck. Lots of it.


Oh yeah,in spite the school sits in what looks to be a solidly middle-class minority neighborhood in the city of pearls, I am stunned by few  remarks made by my future students. One of them said;

“Sir, sir jangan lah anggap kami macam budak kelas XX (top rank class). Kami tau la kami ni x berapa pandai... Harap sir faham lah kami

… and its not even my first day yet.

Ted Baker




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16 07 2008


16 07 2008

Chill bro! Me wish you good luck Sir! 😉

17 07 2008

gud luck nox

18 07 2008


so, how’s life so far cikgu???

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