On call

14 07 2008

I am such a nice guy today. I just called out Celcom Careline to notify them of my online banking transaction details for July bill and, I has a nice session with this super-nice gentleman named Syah. I called twice before but I decided to hang up as I am sure, both of them are new, very intimidated and shaky in their voices. I knew this because I’ve been with SingTel Singapore as a CSR, before, and they are very, very particular with their services. Plus, talking to a Singaporean also means you ought to have a high-grade silicone skin, no offense.

So by far, I know both of them are new and I really wanted talk about this as Customer Services are really huge business nowadays. I think Celcom has done a good job, no kidding, but aside from the feedback aspect of having an adequately leveraged customer service department, think about it. You don’t want to have a value in terms of turning angry or frustrated customers into your biggest fans? Or do you?

I am frustrated with those two CSR. I am not against my fellow gays/homos, you should know better, this blog is so gayish to begin with. But to be a CSR, you can not have a gay quality, meaning kena serius, tak boleh berangan bagus, jangan berlagak, jangan kekwat dan sedia menerima kritikan! It is an attitude of service that permeates an entire team. It is saying “We are here for you”. It is refusing to be interrupted during a customer call (which the first sissy did). The impact of bad customer support is largely diluted these days because it happens so often. We’re used to it. I am totally used to it!

With the outsourcing of call centers, downsizing, and taking ‘real people’ out of the world of customer service with new technology, the customer service industry has had to navigate a lot of bumps in the road and major change. We’ll talk about some of the ways customer service professionals are trying to give good service to their customers and how people in different areas of expertise deliver customer service. Again, just my 2 cents.

Ted Baker




3 responses

15 07 2008

ayooo.. pitty guy kena carutz

15 07 2008
Faisal Admar

lol… maxis still the best!
i used to subscribe post paid… since i was 18 till 27yo? lol.
recently i changed to prepaid… don’t ask why lol

15 07 2008

errr.. no… celcom is the best ! go blue!!

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