Employment, here I come

14 07 2008

I’ve been unemployed for 215 days already. Yes, I miss work. But after hearing the briefing about my practicum, again, I think all of us did not know what to expect yet. It’s like hearing this news, One news was that Indonesia, a largely Muslim country, built one of Asia’s largest statues of, guess who, Jesus Christ! The statue measures 95 feet. OK, so how would you respond to that? It seems like, what’s on the surface is actually a nightmare comes back to life.

There are some very poignant times in life when the term “How the Hell did I get here?” can not be contemplated too lightly. My situation now could be such a humor to some people. There are few situation that is somehow makes me hate cuddly black and white bears, so slow and simple they can not possibly be threatening. But that’s how I feel. I think I should not have that do-together thing. I just don’t that quality. I’m an independent person. And that’s how things should be.

Ted Baker




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14 07 2008


I am unemployed too. The different is I still study. Hehe. Nice blog, I will link you. The blog where you commented in my chatbox is My Little Black Pot, but I keep all my talking more here, Hot Shit Form Here

Thanks for digging my picture. Have a nice day,


14 07 2008

i like ur table lamp..(white in color)
boleh kasi ka?hehe

14 07 2008

enjoy ur menganggur days.

once you get the job,you’ll miss it a lot.


14 07 2008

ermmm.. my comment x through

14 07 2008
Faisal Admar

is that your home-office-table? looks cool tho.
love gadgets on the table! hehe…

well, why bother… work never cool.
if we could have good income monthly and we do not have to work… isn’t that lovely?
i know… there is a way! haha…

what about real estate? hmm hmm

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